EXCLUSIVE: Sam Frost on taking care of her mental health and how the Home And Away sisterhood lifts her up

''I can feel when I am on a downward spiral.''
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For those who have followed Sam Frost’s journey over the years, you will know she’s one of the most genuine stars on our screens.

There is no virtue signalling, misguided feminism, dishonesty or manufactured friendliness – she is an outspoken voice on the topics she cares about and speaking with TV WEEK, she is as candid about them as ever.

The subjects she is most passionate about are female friendship and mental health, because although Sam is at her core bright and spirited, there have, inevitably, been hard days, but despite some roadblocks, at her core, she is a girl’s girl with a big heart.

Sam at the Australian Women’s Film Festival.

(Credit: Instagram)

Sam admits that feelings of anxiety and depression can temporarily wane her shine, but she has gotten better at identifying when her mental health needs some extra care.

“It is always up and down [mental headspace]; I think a lot of people who struggle with their mental health, depression or anxiety will understand you have your good days and bad days,” says the actor.

The Home And Away beauty has long been been a passionate advocate for mental health support.

She has even created an initiative for young girls with her sister, Kristine Ross, to help them navigate depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, and social media.

The source is called Believe By Sam Frost, and they are constantly providing genuine support for young girls, who are vulnerable and perhaps do not know where to get help.

Over the years, Sam has found the best techniques to help herself when she is struggling, and there is no doubt she understands the value of psychology.

“I speak to a psychologist regularly. I can feel when I am on a downward spiral,” the 32-year-old notes of how she manages bad mental health patches.

Sam uses exercise to look after her mental health.

(Credit: Instagram)

“The first thing I will do is book an appointment with my psychologist. I think that it is really important to try and leave the house and either go for a walk, switch your phone off, make a cup of tea, do the things that you really like and is good for your soul.”

“For me, it is walking my dog, I love reading books, so I will read,” shares Sam.

Another way she finds solace is by lighting a candle, which is what inspired the star and her most recent collation with the candle brand Myles Gray.

Together, the pair have launched the limited edition Myles Gray x Believe Sam Frost candle.

The collaboration was an organic partnership, and Sam reveals that the profits will go back into her passion project, Believe, so the organisation can host more youth workshops around Australia.

“I designed the whole thing myself, and it was a perfect alignment with Believe because I use candles all the time for my meditation,” explains Sam.

“I light my candle, and then I do my meditation, I journal, and it is kind of a nightly ritual, and it’s something that helps my mental health.”

“I designed the whole thing myself,” Sam says of the limited edition candle, which you can buy here for $39.95.

(Credit: Instagram)

Sam’s workplace is also another sanctuary for her with the star admitting her colleagues are her biggest cheerleaders.

It’s been well reported that the Home And Away cast are genuinely supportive of each other, and Sam insists that the sisterhood is well and truly alive.

“I feel really fortunate because we do genuinely love each other and support each other, there is a real sisterhood. All the girls I work with all the women on the cast are so fantastic,” the actor passionately reveals.

The women of Summer Bay are constantly supporting each other, from Lynne McGranger attending Ada Nicodemou’s goddaughter’s christening to the many of the cast attending Courtney Miller’s recent art exhibition.

“I think there is such strength in sisterhood, and I think that as women, we shine much brighter when we have sisters beside us championing us,” says Sam.

Sam says her Home And Away co-stars are her biggest cheerleaders.

(Credit: Instagram)

When asked about her closest girlfriend on set, Sam doesn’t hesitate to gush over one former cast mate in particular.

“I am really close to Sarah Roberts, who played Willow, she is probably my best girlfriend on the show, but we are all really good friends,” the former Bachelorette points out of Sarah, who left the show back in April.

As for the future of her Home And Away character, Jasmine – it seems things aren’t looking too good for Sam’s character after she gets caught up in a deadly blast.

Sam and Sarah Roberts at the 2019 TV WEEK Logie Awards.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Jasmine goes through a lot, actually; there is an explosion in the bay! We love an explosion; it is so much fun.”

“She is in hospital for a while, and it’s a bit touch and go,” Sam hints.

If you, or someone you know, would like to have a free, confidential chat with someone they can trust, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit their website here.

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