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Home and Away spoiler! Who will survive the horror food truck explosion?

Lives are on the line in the deadly food truck blast.

By Stephen Downie
In shocking scenes, bodies lie strewn on the ground outside the surf club after Ryder and Chloe's food truck explodes in Home And Away this week.
Bloodied nurse Jasmine, caught up 
in the deadly blast herself, rushes 
to treat the victims.
But is she OK?
Dean desperately battles the flames. Channel Seven
Amid the chaos and carnage in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) runs out of the surf club with a fire extinguisher 
to put out the flames.
From the outset, it's clear Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have been injured, but they manage to pick themselves off the 
ground and start helping others.
Emmett and Bella are knocked out by the blast Channel Seven
Of the victims, one of the more seriously injured in the explosion is Chloe (Sam Barrett).
Ryder (Lukas Radovich) sees her arm dangling 
from behind some debris and fears 
the worst. With Dean's help, they 
lift off the debris and discover she has shrapnel protruding from her abdomen.
There are desperate times, with Chloe in danger of haemorrhaging.
Even when she's taken to hospital, it's touch-and-go as to whether she'll pull through.
Elsewhere, photographer Emmett (JR Reyne) is struggling with an eye injury, and it's later determined he 
has suffered a flash burn to his eyes 
and may never see again.
Jasmine, meanwhile, after running around helping others, collapses, and it's 
feared she has a brain bleed.
Ignoring their own injuries, Marilyn and Jasmine tend to the victims. Channel Seven
Later, as questions are asked about what caused the food truck to explode, a fired-up Ryder accuses Salt owner Mac (Emily Weir) of sabotage.
Mac, whose reckless behaviour is now 
widely known in the community, is horrified by the accusation.
"Mac is upset that people in the 
Bay could believe she could really do something as devastating as blowing 
up a truck and endangering people's lives," Emily, 29, tells TV WEEK.
"She's definitely in a downward spiral, but would never try to physically hurt people. It's a grave realisation for her that people really think she's capable 
of such destruction."
But if she's not to blame, then who is?
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