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There are some VERY interesting theories hinting at which character killed Susie McAllister on Home And Away

Well, we're convinced.

By Maddison Hockey
Another shocking murder has taken place in Summer Bay, and while we sure are starting to question the crime rate in the tiny coastal town, we're currently more obsessed with figuring out: Who killed Susie McAllister?
Our favourite Home And Away characters were in a panic when a mystery body first washed up on shore. With many fearing the body belonged to an MIA Mac, there was some level of relief when it was revealed to be Susie – sorry Suze!
Having duped and swindled so many, half of Summer Bay can be considered a suspect in her murder.
And, you can bet there are some strong fan theories hinting at who may be the culprit.
Who wanted Susie to swim with the fishes? Seven


One of the first things we learn about as a child is "stranger danger", let alone the dangers of talking to a stranger on the internet.
Stephen, as handsome and helpful as he's appeared to be, is essentially that very thing we've been warned about – a stranger from the internet.
Turning up in town on the hunt for Susie, he clearly has motive to kill her, as one of her many victims. He's also been secretly messaging John pretending to be Susie, which begs the question: Why?
What do we really know about Stephen? Seven


Clearly Justin is not himself at the moment, struggling with a pain-killer addiction.
We've already seen how violent he can get as a result of withdrawals, so who's to say he didn't snap and kill Susie while in a similar state? She did steal his life savings after all.
Justin has faced some serious police interrogation. Seven

The Diner Girls

Marilyn, Leah and Irene are thick as thieves. Thick enough to cover for each other in a murder.
While we can admit Marilyn's motive, possibly driven by jealousy over her ex-husband John, isn't as strong as others BUT she would cover for her friends.
Irene was attacked by Susie when she was in the Bay and Leah has been frantically investigating the con-woman after making off with her money. Either woman or all three could have wanted Susie gone.
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