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The Home and Away sisterhood is alive & well! Sam Frost reveals the touching way Sarah Roberts supported her through her mental health struggle

''I love you.''

By Faye Couros
At its best, female friendship is an oasis for women to feel seen, heard and understood because our experiences on this earth can be challenging, and to be able to confide in one another can have powerful results.
Home and Away stars Sam Frost and Sarah Roberts have created a strong bond together and are one of Summer Bay's closest duos, although there is no denying that there are plenty of great friendships within the cast.
The actors both joined the soap in 2017 and share a passion for women supporting women and collaborating to better each other's experience, with not a stitch of competition.
Sam's powerful story about Sarah is more proof their bond runs deep. Instagram
And this week, Sam took to social media to shed some light over just how supportive the pair are of one another.
On Sam Frost's Believe By Sam Instagram account, the actor posted a story revealing how Sarah supported her through a particularly challenging mental health moment.
The post read, "I will never forget the time I text on of my girlfriends, after bumping into her when I was having a bad mental health day. 'I am sorry I wasn't myself today. Next time I see you, I promise I'll be happy and vibey.'"
"She replied: 'You don't have to be happy and vibey. You can be whatever you like around me. I love you.'"
"I think about it often… that's true friendship. So grateful for you @sarahroberts," the 32-year-old concluded of their touching encounter.
Sarah, who left the show earlier this year, re-posted Sam's anecdote and mused of her mate: "I do love you."
Sam and Sarah as their Home And Away characters, Jasmine and Willow. Instagram
Believe by Sam Frost is a mental health initiative that Sam started with her sister Kristine to help champion and highlight issues around mental health.
Sam and Sarah's friendship has been a joy for fans of the show to watch on screen and see it translate to real life.
Speaking to Now To Love in March, Sarah talked about how much she appreciates Sam and why they are so close.
"Sam Frost and I play best friends on screen, and so that has bled into real life also."
"She's just an absolute pleasure to be around and knows all my ins and outs so she can make me feel better with just a look," the 36-year-old explained.
"She's just an absolute pleasure to be around," Sarah said of Sam. Instagram
Last year, Sam shared a similar sentiment when she posted a sweet message ahead of her character Jasmine's wedding day.
"How lucky am I to have @sarahroberts as my beautiful friend... and I love that Jaz has Willow," said Sam.
"Above all relationships, careers and personal life dramas to have a girlfriend that has your back through thick and thin is more important than anything #homeandaway #sisterhood."
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