There’s a very special date approaching on Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan’s calendar – and it’s the perfect opportunity to drop the first photos of baby Lilibet

A legacy tribute.
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As soon as the world heard that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s baby girl, Lilibet Diana, had arrived, fans went into immediate overdrive.

Unpacking everything from her name, to what Harry and Meghan had said about her, to the very place Meghan had welcomed the little one.

And fans were welcome to do all the investigating they desired on the newest Sussex – but there was one thing they could never find without direct input from Harry and Meghan: The first photos – where are they at?

It’s been two whole weeks since we learned that little Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor had joined the British royal ranks (from the US, that is).

With any other royal baby, we’d wait perhaps two or three days before the first photos were released. But of course, since leaving the Royal Family Meghan and Harry are well known to do things a differently and on their terms.

That’s why it’s no surprise (yet no less despairing) that we’re still waiting for those first pictures of the new baby girl.

But fear not, royal fans – we have reason to believe the first photos aren’t too far away. In fact, we reckon they’re set in stone on a very specific date.

Harry and Meghan are private about their son Archie, so we can expect the same from their newborn Lilibet.

(Misan Harriman)

July 1 marks what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday and will be acknowledged across Britain, and indeed the entire world.

The day to remember the People’s Princess – who was taken too young – will coincide with the unveiling of a statue to honour Diana at Kensington Palace.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry will come together for the special occasion, with the Duke of Sussex expected to fly back to the UK from his current base in California’s Santa Barbara.

It will no doubt be an emotional day for the two brothers, who will be reunited for only the second time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But of course, the day is in honour of Princess Diana and her legacy – one which lives on in her children and grandchildren. And one, specifically, who was given her name in her honour.

Will Diana’s 60th birthday pose the opportunity to share the first picture of her newborn granddaughter?


Yes, how fitting would it be for the first photo of Lilibet Diana to land on her middle-namesake’s 60th birthday?

It would certainly make a beautiful tribute and bring an extra visual element of the legacy the inspiring Princess has left behind.

The Duke and Duchess will be celebrating Diana’s 60th apart.


But don’t get too excited for a proper appearance – while Harry will be travelling to the UK to witness the unveiling, it’s likely Meghan, Lilibet and eldest son Archie will remain back in the US where the Duchess is spending her maternity leave.

That’s why we think the first photo of Lilibet will be a picture captured prior to Harry’s trip, perhaps with Harry himself in it, with the parents and their baby.

Or maybe it will take the format of some of their recent family photos, two-year-old Archie’s face continues to remain hidden from the public eye as much as possible. Maybe we’ll just see Lilibet’s hand? Or her being cradled whilst swaddled in blankets in her mother’s arms?

The first photoshoot with baby Archie took place before the Sussexes stepped back from their senior royal roles.


Whatever the image is, and whenever it is released, the most important thing is that the reveal is entirely on Harry and Meghan’s terms.

The pair proved just how much they value their own privacy, as any new parent would – and it’s understandable that they would want to spend special time as a new family of four away from the public eye.

So whether it’s simply a statement from Meghan about Diana on her birthday to accompany her husband’s appearance, or a full blown new photoshoot with their little one, we’re sure the day will be extra special for them all.

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