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A tribute was expected, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex went beyond our expectations by choosing Lilibet Diana as their royal baby’s name

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid homage to two great women.

By Jess Pullar
Today, people across the world are celebrating two names: Lilibet Diana.
These two names encapsulate two incredible women, and now, they also encapsulate one small royal baby.
But Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's newborn daughter is yet to learn just how important these names truly are.
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In Australia, the news came overnight - Harry and Meghan had welcomed a brand new baby girl named Lilibet Diana, currently settling into her Santa Barbara home with her family.
The unique moniker might sound different to some, but for us longtime fans and enthusiasts of the British royal family we know exactly what these names mean and what they represent for little Lilibet.
The youngest Sussex was named after her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and her grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales.
The two female figures are revered the world over - Elizabeth (whose nickname is Lilibet) is the longest serving British Monarch and a pillar of strength in an age-old instition which continues to stand the test of time.
Diana, Princess of Wales was a dedicated mother, humanitarian and trailblazer for thousands of people in celebrating acceptance, generosity and leadership. The People's Princess indeed.
By choosing these two names for their daughter, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan proved not only that they have love for these two women, but for the institution they represented. And that, we think, is worth celebrating.
Two women, two powerful names - Lilibet Diana will forever share a beautiful connection with her grandmother and great-grandmother. (Getty)
It's no secret that both Meghan and Harry have had a turbulent introduction as a married couple within the royal family.
After stepping back from their roles as senior royals at the beginning of 2020, we've watched as snippets of their issues within the royal fold came to light.
In March 2021 the couple shared an explosive and raw insight into the realities of their time as senior royals. From claiming there was a distinct lack of support from Palace staffers, an obvious divide between themselves and other royal family members and their own mental health battles, the couple held nothing back by explaining every reason why they needed to step away.
But as much as it was still clear at the time of the interview, it's even clearer now - family is still everything to them, and particularly to Harry.
Yes, he was born into an institution was unimaginably complex to navigate, particularly throughout his youth and following the death of his mother, Diana.
But there is no doubt that this remains a part of Harry's identity, and his respect for his closest relatives remains - his daughter Lilibet is a reflection of that.
The Duke and Duchess' choice in name reflects their continued love and admiration for the royal family. (Getty)
The Weekly's Editor-At-Large Juliet Rieden explains Lilibet's name takes a much greater meaning than simply being named after prominent royal family members.
"Harry's choice to honour his grandmother and mother in his daughter's name echoes that of William who chose Elizabeth and Diana for Princess Charlotte's second and third names," she says.
"Harry has gone further choosing the personal family nickname "Lilibet" which King George VI especially loved using.
"I think the name choice shows how much the family back home means to Harry and Meghan and underlines their enduring and proud connection to the House of Windsor."
Harry and Meghan's choice in baby name "underlines their enduring and proud connection to the House of Windsor," says Juliet Rieden. (Getty)
The sentiment rings undoubtedly true for members of the British Firm.
Over the weekend, the Countess of Wessex also opened up about her family, and referenced Prince Harry in an extremely rare interview with The Telegraph.
Speaking about the funeral of Prince Philip back in April, she alluded to a positive conversation she shared with Harry after the service.
"We are still a family no matter what happens, we always will be."
Sophie of Wessex reiterated the royals will always be family: "Always will be." (Getty)
Indeed, they are - there is no denying Harry's globally renowned family will forever be close to his heart.
Now, their legacy (and particularly that of Diana's and Elizabeth's) will live on in his daughter.
This, it should be said, is the ultimate show of love, support and respect for the people that came before Harry and the newborn royal.
Names he Harry, his wife Meghan and the rest of the world will always admire and hold dear - long after those namesakes have left us.

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