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From Elizabeth to Lili: Here's exactly how to pronounce Lilibet, the perfect royal baby name mashup chosen by Harry & Meghan

The moniker derives from the Queen's beloved nickname.

By Jess Pullar
When news of Duchess Meghan's brand-new royal baby reached the world's ears this morning, there was one name on everyone's lips: Lilibet.
Yes, the breathtaking title is a very unique choice from Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry, though it makes complete, meaningful sense given that it is the nickname belonging to Her Majesty The Queen, used only by her nearest and dearest.
Of course, we wouldn't fault you if you were quietly pondering one thing - how is Lilibet pronounced?
It's safe to say we know how to pronounce Elizabeth as well as Lili, which the new royal will be known as for short.
But Lilibet is a slightly different one - let us explain.

How to pronounce Lilibet

Lilibet is pronounced as Lily-bet, phonetically.
It's easy enough to remember given the royal baby's name will be shortened to Lili (sounded as Lily) for the most part.
And we've known how to pronounce the unique moniker for years given the royals have always used this for Queen Elizabeth.
The Queen is affectionately known as Lilibet by her nearest and dearest. (Getty)
You've probably heard the name before in pop culture, too.
Indeed, in Netflix's hit series The Crown, the character who plays Prince Philip in particular often uses the affectionate nickname for his wife: Lilibet.
The name Lilibet is used multiple times on The Crown. (Netflix)

Why do the royals call Queen Elizabeth Lilibet?

The royals call Queen Elizabeth II Lilibet because when she was a small child, she couldn't pronounce her own name. The young royal referred to herself as "Tillabet." This later became "Lisabet" or "Lilliebeth" before her father began calling her "Lilibet," which her family members still refer to her as.
The Queen's father King George even once said of Elizabeth and his second daughter Margaret: "Lilibet is my pride. Margaret is my joy."
The Queen earned the name Lilibet as a child when she was unable pronounce her proper name, Elizabeth. (Getty)

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