How the Queen’s black handbag is sending a hidden signal during Trump’s visit

It's all in the little black bag.
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Just when you thought Queen Elizabeth couldn’t get any niftier, she does something brilliant like this.

In a revelation that’s got everyone talking, it seems Her Majesty has a very interesting way of communicating her thoughts, and nope, it’s not via the traditional method of… speaking.

Indeed when the Queen cannot speak aloud, it turns out she has another way of sending a signal to her surrounding staffers, and it’s all to do with one wardrobe detail.

According to a report from The Telegraph, the Queen’s favourite accessory, her small black handbag, has more uses than just holding a spare lippy and some breath mints.

The bag, created by London designer Launer, is also used to send discreet messages to her staffers.

By placing the bag on the table in front of her, the Queen is reportedly signalling to staff she she wants to leave in five minutes.

If she places the bag on the floor, this means her conversation has become a little dull, and marks a polite way for her to request a lady-in-waiting to rescue her!

The Queen’s black handbag could be doing more than just making a fashion statement.

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With this being said, we can’t help but notice the Queen has been clinging tight to the bag during President Trump’s three-day visit to the UK.

Watching the bag with hawk eyes, we’ll eagerly await to see what our reigning Monarch decides to do with the trendy accessory for the remainder of his visit!

And that’s not the only special detail about this bag – according to reports, it was also specifically made with a long handle so that the Queen could shake hands with fellows with ease.

The bag also features a hook so she can easily hang it – very practical!

Turns out there’s a number of handy features Her Majesty’s favourite accessory possess!

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According to British publication Lady Magazine, the Queen always carries a number of trinkets in her bag wherever she goes, including reading glasses and a pen.

And The Telegraph further explained that she also carries a number of ‘good luck charms’ associated with each of her children.

A toy dog and horse, as well as family photos are reportedly among the memorabilia – how sweet!

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And secret messages aside, the Queen certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to social engagements – no matter what happens with her handbag.

At the same time as Trump’s visit to the UK this week, the Queen also met Australian PM Scott Morrison, to whom she shared an animated discussion with alongside his wife Jenny.

The newly re-elected Aussie PM even gifted the Queen a rather unexpected gift – a copy of the official biography of champion racehorse Winx signed by author Andrew Rule.

Morrison had clearly put some thought into the gift – Eizabeth is known to be a horse-lover.

Now we’re just wondering if the Queen will pop it in her black bag before placing it on the ground as a quick signal that she’d prefer to escape present company and start reading it ASAP!

Spot the handbag! Looks like the Queen was happy to be engaged in conversation with Morrison for the time being.

(Image: Instagram @theroyalfamily)

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