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Prince Harry’s unexpected reaction to Donald Trump's visit

It comes after President Trump called Meghan "nasty".

By Anita Lyons
Donald Trump has touched down in the UK for a whirlwind state visit, but our eyes widened as he became embroiled in a war of words over Duchess Meghan.
Earlier in May, media outlets reported Trump had called Meghan "nasty" in the lead-up to his visit, so it wouldn't be surprising if one member of the Royal household vetoed the meet-and-greet all together - Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.
However, Prince Harry's reaction to the President's arrival was unexpected to say the least as he helped show the Mr and Mrs Trump around Buckingham Palace after a lunch held between both families.
One should not be that surprised though, because of course, Prince Harry is forever the professional and a Monarch first and foremost, perhaps leaving any "thoughts" about the President behind closed doors.
In the photos released on Getty Images of the first day of the State visit, the Duke of Sussex was seen accompanying Trump's daughter Ivanka on a tour of the Royal Collection.
And while they looked engaged in conversation, his face was less subdued than normal.
Prince Harry takes Ivanka Trump on a tour of the Royal collection. (Source: Getty Images)
While Duchess Meghan is on maternity leave after giving birth to baby Archie in May, the Duchess of Sussex is not expected to meet President Trump during his visit.
In fact, it's safe to assume that tensions would be high as Meghan has always been outspoken about the President before becoming a member of the Royal family.
Although she is an American citizen, the Duchess of Sussex previously stated that she would once "move to Canada" if Trump ever got the top job.
Of course, upon hearing this and other quips she had made Trump (previously calling him a "vocal misogynist" in an interview) Trump told The Sun: "I didn't know that. What can I say? I didn't know that she was nasty."
However, he then praised her saying: "I am sure she will go excellently [as a royal]. She will be very good."
Trump later addressed the controversy that surrounded the resurfaced comments ahead of his royal visit via Twitter, writing: "I never called Meghan Markle "nasty."
"Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!"
Donald Trump during his visit to Buckingham Palace with The Queen. (Source: Getty Images)
On day one of Trump's visit, he was welcomed via a ceremony with the Queen herself, along with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.
The ceremony included a royal gun salute, which was fired off in Green Park.
Trump then attended a lunch with the Queen, before heading to Clarence House where Charles was expected to host him for afternoon tea.
Following this, the grand event of the visit will take place - the state banquet.
Here, Trump is expected to give a speech as he attends alongside a number of royals and VIPs.
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