Prince George is helping Princess Charlotte before she starts school in a way that’ll melt your heart

Big brother duties call.
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Starting school can be an anxiety inducing process, be it for parents who are parting with their children, or the children themselves as they begin a brand new chapter.

But it seems that Princess Charlotte isn’t feeling anything but elation at the thought of starting school next week, and it’s all because of one very important person.

In a new report from PEOPLE, it has been revealed Charlotte is really excited about starting “big school” at Thomas’s Battersea, which is a private school based in London.

And indeed the school is the very same one Prince George attends. Therefore, she’s in the best hands possible, and apparently she seems to know it.

“She can’t wait to be with George at big school,” an insider told the publication.

“She is so excited about it all.”

Princess Charlotte is excited to start school alongside her big brother.


George has attended the school for the last two years, and is known as “George Cambridge” among teachers and students.

Indeed it seems he’s settled in well, and he’ll be happy to help younger sister Charlotte do the same.

“They are close in age, and they spend so much time together,” the source continued.

They explained that playdates with other children who aren’t as well known to the family “can be tricky”.

“So they learn to lean on each other.”

The two elder Cambridge children have learnt to “lean on each other” according to a source.


The pair’s close relationship has become apparent in the various public appearances they’ve made in the past few months.

In July, the siblings were spotted attending a game of polo with their mum Kate Middleton and baby brother Prince Louis.

Despite lots of action happening on the field, the four and six-year-old kept to their own devices kicking a ball around together.

The two siblings get along like a house on fire.


It is understood Prince George loves attending Thomas’ Battersea.

Earlier this month it was revealed the future King of England takes all the usual subjects like maths, history and languages, but there’s one subject he particularly “loves” – ballet.

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Prince George loves attending school, according to reports.

(The Duchess of Cambridge)

When Charlotte starts school, it is expected we’ll see some new photos of the Princess.

Shutterbug Kate is known for taking gorgeous pictures of her children for milestone moments, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed we’ll get another sweet image to ogle over as we celebrate a brand new chapter for the young royal.

WATCH BELOW: Check out the garden Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte helped mum Kate create:

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