Prince George upholds his title as the most enthusiastic royal soccer fan as he attends the EURO 2021 final with Duchess Catherine and Prince William

The seven-year-old was dressed in a suit for the final showdown between England and Italy.
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2019 Prince George is back, guys.

The young Prince’s display at the Aston Villa soccer match he attended back in 2019 was like something out of a meme with his passion, enthusiasm and excitement for each and every moment on the field being documented and treasured by royal fans and followers.

When he returned to the stands ripely aged seven post-pandemic for the EURO 2020 final 16 fixture to watch England beat Germany in June, it seemed his pure joy and glee to watch his national team win was held a little at bay.

But not today, folks.

Once again, the young Prince joined Duchess Catherine and Prince William for the EURO 2021 soccer final between England and Italy, and very quickly, we saw that excitable 2019 Prince George lose it over the team’s first goal.

Within the first couple of minutes, England scored a goal against rival Italy.

In response, George and William jumped up and down, punched the air and yelled as loud as they could to celebrate, Duchess Kate also looked gleeful as she pulled Prince George in for a big celebratory hug.

Yes, George’s meme-worthy display mirrored that of his 2019 performance and we couldn’t be happier.

Once again, the young royal wore a full suit to the match as per royal box protocol.

His dad Prince William also suited up for the occasion, wearing his official FA tie to boot.

Duchess Catherine looked stylish as always in a white blazer and bright red earrings.

Sadly for young soccer fan George, his beloved team ended up losing to Italy in a nail-biting eleventh-hour penalty shootout.

Spot the royals! It was a family affair as Duchess Catherine, Prince George and Prince William cheered on England.


There’s no denying a royals love for soccer – any given one of them.

Last week, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark travelled to England’s Wembley stadium to watch the semi-final between her home country Denmark and England unfold.

She was flanked by her husband Prince Frederik and son Prince Christian. The excitement was clear from all of them.

The Danish royals also showed up in force to the soccer game.


Duchess Catherine herself also showed her commitment to the sport – she attended the Wimbledon Championships mens singles final on Sunday just hours before making a quick outfit change for the Wembley Stadium final that evening.

Earlier in the day, Kate was seen cheering the players on from the Queen’s Royal Box at the iconic London event. She was joined by her dad Michael Middleton.

If the past 24 hours are really something to go by, we can be certain of one thing: The royals really do love sport!

Kate was seen at Wimbledon just hours earlier with her dad, Michael Middleton.


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