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Seven-year-old Prince George just showed up to the soccer in a mini matching suit to his dad, Prince William - let that sink in

There's today's plans.

By Jess Pullar
If you've just awoken and haven't caught up with the joyous chaos that ensued in England overnight, allow us to explain.
Yes, the British country won a game of soccer against arch sporting rival Germany. Cheers of It's Coming Home ensued.
But that wasn't actually the most exciting part for us (don't let them hear you say that, though...).
What could be more exciting, you ask? Well, only the fact that seven-year-old Prince George was there in a matching suit to his dad Prince William.
On Tuesday, the British Royals attended the Euro 2020 last-16 fixture at Wembley Stadium. Along with Prince William, George was flanked by his mother Duchess Catherine.
Known to be keen football fans, we assume George completed all his chores and homework that day in order to be taken along for the ultimate treat, which was seeing his national team win.
Cute! Prince George made a surprise appearance with his mum and dad at Wembly Stadium on Tuesday. (Getty)
If you cast your minds back, you might remember the last time Prince George showed up to the football with his family in 2019.
His meme-worthy spectacle included yelling, jumping up and down, and really (really) getting into the spirit of the atmosphere.
At the time, he was six years old, but as he nears eight (his birthday falls in July), perhaps the royal decided it was high time to compose himself a little differently.
Of course he cheered a lot, but this time around the future King was on his best behaviour.
The young Prince was slightly more composed than last time - though he was still seen enthusiastically cheering his team along. (Getty)
The young royal wore a full suit to the game, matching with his dad whose own outfit was complete with an official FA striped tie, aligned with the association that William is president of.
George's tie was similar, but not of the official sort.
Kate meanwhile looked stunning as ever in a bright red blazer, which she paired with a white top and black pants.
The family were also joined by several A-listers. Spot David Beckham and Ed Sheeran in the pics... (Getty)
It also pays to note that the official box the royals spectated from also included several other A-listers.
David Beckham and Ed Sheeran joined the young royal and his parents for the exciting match, casually.
And what a match it was, their national team won 2-0. We don't think George would have joined in any after parties unless it involved a large hot chocolate awaiting the Prince's arrival back at Kensington Palace.

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