Prince William was called “beautiful” at the BAFTAs, and his reaction is the purest thing you’ll see today

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When you’re married to someone like Duchess Catherine, one would be well familiar with people ogling, gawping and admiring your other half left, right and centre.

Indeed the royal mum is undeniably graceful, has an incredible sense of style, and has the world’s most lusted after hair to boot.

That’s why when it comes to her public appearances with Prince William, it’s natural that she tends to steal the spotlight a little.

Well, until now, that is…

Stepping out on the red carpet at the 2020 BAFTA Awards ceremony in London this week, Wills and Kate were the ultimate style duo as they made their way into the glitzy event at the Royal Albert Hall.

Kate, wearing a stunning recycled Alexander McQueen white and gold gown naturally had every eyeball and lens in the general vicinity upon her as she made a grand entrance.

But all it took was one, rather kind-hearted soul to shift the focus slightly.

Kate and Wills made a dazzling entrance at the 2020 BAFTA Awards.


Captured in a short video clip that has since gone viral, onlookers can be heard admiring Kate from afar, with one shouting, “Kate, you look beautiful!”, while another simply uttered: “Oh my goodness.”

Agreeing with the others wholeheartedly, another person by the name of Maciek Zielinski then yelled out “Kate, you look beautiful!”, before hesitating and adding: “So do you, Will!”

The Prince immediately grinned and looked rather pleased with himself (bless!) before he nodded in the direction of the admirer and then burst into a fit of laughter.

Watch the glorious moment below:

Zielinski managed to achieve something many have never done before, and rightly so, he documented the moment on his Instagram page, writing: “You know that time I made @kensingtonroyal laugh??? Oh yeah…tonight at @ee @bafta ❤ #eebaftas🤵.”


Wills looked rather chuffed after he was called beautiful by an onlooker.


That also wasn’t the only time Kate and Wills encountered a rather humorous situation at the classy British awards event.

Later in the evening, Margot Robbie delivered a speech on behalf of winner Brad Pitt, who was unable to attend the awards.

Referencing Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s recent decision to step back as senior royal family members, Pitt noted in his speech that he might name his award Harry, because he was “excited about bringing it back to the States with him”.

Always in the best spirits and taking everything in their stride, Kate and Wills both giggled at the joke. See their reaction in the player below:

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It was certainly a fun-filled evening for both William and Kate, and one they likely won’t forget for a while to come.

And next time they make a public appearance together, who knows – maybe it’ll be William who’ll be providing the fashion-forward spectacle!

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