The Queen calls Harry and Meghan back to the UK for a significant royal event

The pair are currently residing in Canada.
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The Queen has requested Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan return to the UK for one final engagement before they officially step back as senior members of the royal family.

According to reports, Her Majesty will require them to travel from their current base in North America and back to London as they partake in an annual royal event that has thrilled royal watchers for years.

Harry and Meghan will reportedly return to the UK in March for a formal engagement with the royal family.


According to the Sunday Times, Harry and Meghan will be expected to attend the annual Commonwealth service, which is held each year in Westminster Abbey.

Taking place on March 9, it is expected the pair will bring their 10-month-old son Archie with them.

But they won’t be staying for long – Harry and Meghan will return to Canada following the event, where they will officially settle into life away from their current roles as senior royals, as well as giving up their HRH titles.

Harry and Meghan announced they would step back from their roles as senior royals in January.


In January, the pair announced that they would be stepping back from their current roles as senior royals, with the intention of becoming “financially independent”.

The Palace later confirmed the transition would take place over the coming months, with the British spring marking when the change would formally come into effect.

Harry and Meghan have been keeping busy since the announcement was made, it appears.

After travelling to Canada, where it is expected they will set up a second home base away from the UK, the pair have already been partaking in engagements outside of their remit as royals.

Over the weekend, it was revealed the pair had been paid to attend an exclusive event in Miami hosted by JP Morgan – their first public appearance together since they made their announcement.

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The news was first reported by Page Six, who quoted a source: “It was all very hush-hush, with a lot of security. Meghan and Harry headlined the event as the keynote speakers.”

Since the report surfaced, more details have emerged – according to PEOPLE, Prince Harry made a formal speech, while Meghan also shared remarks about her love for her husband Harry.

It has also been reported that the pair dined with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez while they stayed in Miami.

According to Page Six, the two couples dined at Habitat, which is a high end establishment in South Beach.

According to a witness the publication spoke to, the two couples “got on really well with Jennifer and Alex, and spent some time chatting with them over dinner.”

“J-Lo was overheard inviting the couple and their baby Archie to her and Alex’s house in Miami to spend time with them and their kids.”

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