Queen Elizabeth II retraces her father’s footsteps as emotional milestone approaches

The Monarch stepped out on the eve of an historic anniversary.
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In fascinating, yet emotional scenes, Queen Elizabeth has retraced her father’s footsteps while on a public engagement in Sandringham – and it’s come at a particularly poignant time.

The Monarch stepped out this week at a pumping station in Wolferton, which has newly replaced the 72-year-old model.

And in a moving turn of events, the Palace took to social media to highlight just how poignant the Queen’s visit to the station was.

Queen Elizabeth made a poignant visit to a pumping station in Wolferton this week.


Indeed when the station was first opened 72 years ago, Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI was there to witness the grand reveal.

And in a touching move, all these years later the 93-year-old Queen was here to do the exact same thing.

Explaining the historic significance on Twitter, the official Royal Family account wrote: “Today, The Queen will open Wolferton’s new Pumping Station, 72 years after her Father, King George VI, opened the original station on 2 February 1948.”

The Palace added: “Wolferton Pumping Station was opened shortly after the Second World War to enable the surrounding marshland to be brought into full production.”

Apparently, the then-King was a big supporter of what the station meant for the surrounding area, of which he was very fond.

“I have always been so happy here and I love the place,” the King was quoted at the time.

During the day’s event, the Queen looked to be in high spirits, fashioning a colourful headscarf and a bright smile as she was told about the new station.

Speaking to a number of locals and staffers there, the reigning Monarch could be seen laughing and chatting away as she toured the new structure.

The reigning Monarch looked radiant in a bright headscarf.


On February 6, the Queen also marked another milestone event – though this time, it was in private.

Indeed the day marked the 68th anniversary of her ascension to the throne – a record-breaking period which surpassed the length of Queen Victoria’s reign in 2015.

But the day has always had a sombre element – it also marks the anniversary of King George’s death.

The anniversary of King George’s passing falls on February 6.

(Twitter /@RoyalFamily)

To mark the day, the Queen usually spends it in private with Prince Philip.

She remains in Sandringham, a place both she and her father loved very much.

In the coming weeks, it’s expected that the Queen will return home to Buckingham Palace in London, where she will continue to fulfil a number of engagements as the new year kicks off.

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