Prince Harry shares the intimate details of Archie’s birth which involved Princess Diana

It was chaos.
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The Duke of Sussex has been making headlines across the globe while promoting his memoir, Spare and detailing some explosive moments from his life in the British royal family. But now he has shared intimate moments from the delivery of his two children with wife, Meghan Markle.

In 2019, the Duchess of Sussex delivered her first child Archie – who is now three years old – at The Portland Hospital in London.

When pregnant with Archie, Meghan was 10 days past her due date already.

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At the time, Meghan was 10 days past her due date and was medically induced to bring on labour which was chaos from Prince Harry’s perspective.

Given it was his first child, Harry became extremely nervous and used the entirety of the laughing gas brought in for his wife. However, he used so much of it, the hospital had to bring in another bottle.

Prince Harry recalled Meghan laughing and rolling her eyes at her husband as she bounced on a large purple ball made to induce labour.

Harry used all of Meghan’s laughing gas!

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To improve the ambiance of the hospital environment, the couple decorated the delivery room with the same electric candles that Harry used for his proposal to the duchess in 2017. Meghan also suggested a framed picture of Princess Diana be placed on the bedside table.

However, the memoir detailed that there had been a complication while delivering Archie as he was “tangled.”

Despite the organized chaos of Archie’s birth, Prince Harry confessed Lilibet’s delivery two years later in June 2021 was more a calmer environment.

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“What bliss, we said, not having to worry about timing, protocols, journalists at the front gate,” the young prince said.

Prince Harry noted the doctor guided him on how to deliver Lilibet into the world after revealing his wish to be the first thing his daughter saw.

After being overwhelmed with emotion after meeting his second child for the first time, he handed Lilibet to her mother for skin-to-skin contact.

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