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A mop of dark red hair and a heart-melting smile: Here's what baby Archie looks like now

The two-year-old is a right royal cutie.

By Bella Brennan
When Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan formally stepped back from their roles as senior royal family members in March 2020, it also signalled another ending.
While we're accustomed to regular, albeit fleeting glimpses of Prince William and Duchess Catherine's three children, Harry and Meghan's son Archie would henceforth be protected from the constant gaze of a camera lens.
Throughout 2020, we got all but two glimpses of the little royal - the first on his birthday in May when the Duke and Duchess shared a cute video from story time, and the second in the Sussexes Christmas card in December.
In the cartoon illustrated image, a then 19-month-old Archie stole the show as he shared a precious family moment with his proud parents and their two dogs in the garden of their Californian home.
But now, royal watchers have been gifted another fresh glimpse of the adorable tot.
During her TV interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Meghan shared a new photo of her and Harry's son, which showed the youngster in their Montecito backyard.
Dressed in jeans, gumboots and a long sleeved shirt, the little red-head appeared to be feeding the family's chickens, carrying a basket in his hand.
Meghan also revealed that Archie wasn't a fan of Halloween this year, telling Ellen: "Archie was a dinosaur for maybe five minutes."
Meghan shared this new photo of Archie during the interview. (The Ellen DeGeneres Show)
The last time we saw Archie was during Harry and Meghan's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, when the pair opened up on a wide-ranging of heartbreaking topics like the palaces' troubling concerns over Archie's skin colour, Duchess Meghan's mental health battle and Prince Harry and older brother Prince William's fraught relationship.
But there was some light amongst the darkness in the form of Harry and Meghan's son Archie and the fact he's set to become a big brother to a baby sister in a few months' time.
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan shared a snippet of never-before-seen footage of their son running on the beach.
Beach bliss: Archie races between his mum and dad on the shoreline. (Image: CBS via The Duke and Duchess of Sussex)
In the home video, a delighted Archie dashes between his mother and father as he explores the shoreline with a stick in hand - a touching moment of unbridled joy for the family-of-three.
In the footage, Archie looks adorable in a buttoned-up cardigan, long trousers and a pair of trainers.
"This year has been crazy for everybody. But to have outdoor space where I can go for walks with Archie and we can go for walks as a family and with the dogs or have a hike or go down to the beach, which is so close," Harry reflected of the grounding impact his son has on him and their low-key lifestyle in Santa Barbara.
"The highlight for me is sticking him on the back of the bicycle in his little baby seat and taking him on these bike rides, which is something I was never able to do when I was young. I can see him on the back and he's got his arms out and he's going 'Woooo!' Chatting, chatting, chatting, and he's going, Palm tree! house!" and all this stuff," he added of the sweet way he bonds with his son.
"This year has been crazy for everybody. But to have outdoor space where I can go for walks with Archie and we can go for walks as a family and with the dogs or have a hike or go down to the beach, which is so close." (Image: CBS via The Duke and Duchess of Sussex)
Oprah also asked the couple what their chatterbox son's favourite word to say was, to which Meghan replied: "Oh my gosh, he's on a roll. In the past couple weeks, it's been 'hydrate,' which is just hysterical."
"But also, any time anyone leaves the house, he's like 'Drive safe!'" Harry pointed out.
"'Drive safe!' He's not even two yet," Meghan laughed.
Harry previously revealed to James Corden his son's first word was crocodile so we're not surprised he's already talking about road safety!
The perfect mix of both his parents! Archie's dark red hair definitely comes from Harry's side. (Image: @silvertree77/Twitter)
Royal watchers were also given another close-up glimpse of Archie in March when Duchess Meghan's long-time close friend Silver Tree, who is a director, shared a gorgeous series of images along with a stirring caption as she defended Meghan in the lead up to the Oprah interview.
In the candid, personal images from Silver Tree, one included little Archie - fans immediately flocked to the picture in awe of how much he's grown.
He also looks like the perfect mix of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan - with Harry's dark red hair, and Meghan's unmistakable eyes.
Meghan and her son read a book together to celebrate Archie's first birthday. (ImageL Save the Children via The Duke of Sussex)
Then, in May 2021, Prince Harry released his new docuseries The Me You Can't See alongside Oprah Winfrey.
In one searing episode where Harry details his mental health struggles over the years, a beautiful clip of Archie playing in a backyard tree swing is over-layed.
Immediately, fans were enthralled by his uncanny similarity to his mum, Meghan Markle.
With big doe eyes and round cheeks, Archie's features are just like his Mum's when she was also a baby. There's also no mistaking his similarities to Meghan now - we all know those eyes from a mile away!
A brief clip in Harry's new docuseries shows just how much Archie is taking after his mum Meghan. (Apple TV+)
Meghan as a young tot - can you see the similarities? (The Tig)

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