I’m genuinely concerned Meghan Markle might steal my baby name

Being pregs at the same time as Megs is both a sacred blessing and a dreaded curse.
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As a royal reporter, there is nothing more exciting than getting to cover the arrival of a blue-blooded baby.

The first photos of the chubby-cheeked newborn! The gender reveal! The name unveiling! It’s a royal nerd’s equivalent of the Super Bowl grand final and there’s something so special about getting to report on a global good news event which makes people around the world smile.

Having covered the birth of all three of Duchess Catherine and Prince William’s children, I am somewhat of a pro in watching the hallowed doors of the Lindo Wing around the clock.

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And this year, when I decided the time was finally right to have my own non-royal, muggle baby, something special happened. I was about nine weeks along when Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan surprised us all by announcing they were expecting their first child on day one of their Australian tour.

The next day, I took my team (and my yet-to-be-announced secret spawn) down to the Sydney Opera House so we could catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their first official walkabout since sharing their news.

Granted, I was a tad devo I didn’t get to shake Meghan’s hand and get some of her beautiful baby juju to rub off on me but the baby mania was palpable and even though we only saw their faces for a brief second, I couldn’t help but feel connected to my imaginary pregnancy soul sister Megs.

Just look at how much we have in common…

We both are rocking that pregnancy glow!

Dewy, glowy skin just like Megs? You bet! Just let me finish hugging the porcelain before my close-up 🤢. (Image L-R: Getty, supplied)

We both are sticking to a plant-based, vegan diet and wouldn’t dare give into our sugar cravings, especially not with a chocolate frappuccino from Starbucks or a nightly Magnum ice cream for dessert…

I haven’t had a frappuccino since 2006 but here we are! (Image L-R: Getty, supplied)

She flew out of New York on Amal Clooney’s private jet following her glamorous baby shower… I jetted to my babymoon on a glamorous budget Jetstar flight.

The glam jet-set life really takes its toll. (Image L-R: Getty, supplied)

Yep, my preggo twin and I have so much in common.

While our pregnancies are clearly worlds apart, over the weekend I stumbled across a news item which pointed out something rather surprising that Meghan and I actually have in common and I couldn’t help but feel quite chuffed.

It appears the royal couple have purchased the same brand of pram that my partner and I have chosen – the iCandy!

Royal watchers recently spotted an iCandy car dropping off a special delivery at Meghan and Harry’s soon-to-be new home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

Full disclosure: The only reason we decided to jump on the fancy pants designer pram bandwagon was purely by default after we spotted the trendy stroller at Baby Bunting for an absolute bargain discount as it was the very last one they had in stock and wanted to get rid of it.

Every other item in our nursery is either from Gumtree or a generous second-hand donation from friends. This is a much-loved baby but I’m not hemorrhaging money on something it will use for a hot second when it could be better spent on its education or childcare.

Testing out my iCandy with the groceries. (Image: Supplied)

Minute details aside, Megs and I are going to be pushing our cherubs in the same damn pram and I don’t know why, but this fact warms my heart.

But now as game time circles ever close for the both of us (she’s reportedly due in late April but I reckon she could pop any minute now, I’m due June 1st), on a very self-indulgent level, I can’t help but worry there might be more overlapping to come.

Now an irrational thought won’t leave my mind: What if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry steal my baby name?

First we have the same pram, could it be a precursor of things to come? (Image: iCandy)

Like Megs and Haz, we haven’t found out the sex of our first-born and have a short-list of names for both genders.

Some are classic, some are retro, some have a regal-approved touch.

Don’t worry, it’s definitely NOT Diana or Arthur, which are currently the bookies’ top picks. But it’s my front-runner boy name that I just adore and can weirdly imagine being used on Baby Sussex.

Now look, I understand there are way more pressing issues to worry about and at the end of day, a healthy baby is all that matters.

However, focusing on surface-level, fluffy subjects like baby names is a much-welcomed distraction from the confronting topics of giving birth like, say, tearing, episiotomies and maternity pads, for example.

Chanelling my inner Megs as I cradle my baby bump. I’ve got to give it to her, it’s a very comfy pose. (Image L-R: Getty, supplied)

Indeed, once a powerhouse couple like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex name their baby, you can bet there’ll be a million more copycat parents following suit and style stalking the chosen moniker – and I refuse to be one of them.

You only have to look at the skyrocketing popularity of names like George, Charlotte and Louis over the years to see the influence the royal family wield.

I’m praying to the royal baby gods Meghan and Harry have a girl and I have a boy so there’ll be no risk of a double-up.

There’s also a high chance our resident ruler breaker Megs will stray from tradition and give us the 2019 equivalent of North West.

If all else fails and they do indeed nick my name, I hear Apple’s making a comeback.

When Meghan finally pops, you can guarantee I’ll be on the verge of a meltdown until they announce the name of their bub. (Image: Getty)

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