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Meghan Markle royal baby name predictions: It WON'T be something traditional

Could we be getting a North West equivalent of the royal family?

By Bella Brennan
If there's one thing we've learnt since being swept up in the Meghan Markle mania it's this: Duchess Meghan isn't afraid to do things her own amazing way.
And while she may have married into one of the oldest historical institutions, the Duchess of Sussex is reshaping the modern monarchy one determined car door slam at a time.
And as Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan confirm their first child is due in late April, royal baby watch has reached fever pitch.
From speculation over where Meghan will give birth, to if she's having a boy or girl and what the baby's royal title will be - we simply can't get enough of all things Baby Sussex!
At present, the bookies are rolling out the same tried and tested baby name list they have with all three of Prince William and Duchess Catherine's children.
Think Diana, Victoria, Mary, Grace, Alice, Philip, Charles, Albert and Alfred. Which are all perfectly fine but Meghan isn't one to stick with tradition.
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Let's face it's, Meghan is a self-confessed, free-spirited earth mother who won't be calling her kid Mary or Philip.
It's 100 per cent going to be the royal equivalent of Apple or North and we're so excited for a royal to go down the non-traditional name path with perhaps a sprinkling of tradition in the middle name (maybe Rachel, Meghan's real name, for a girl, and Henry, Harry's official first name, for their boys' middle name).
In fact, we think Meghan may even hark back to her family ties and look to her own nickname from her mother - Flower - as inspiration.
So without further ado, here's a definitive list of all the left-of-centre names team NTL think Meghan and Harry might pick.
What's in a name? While the bookies are going down the traditional path, here at Now To Love we reckon these two royal trailblazers are going to pull a stunningly unique name of of the bag. (Image: Getty)

Unique girl names

Lilibet: Queen Elizabeth's childhood nickname was "Lilibet", because she couldn't pronounce her own name. In a sweet turn of events, her husband the Duke of Edinburgh also refers to her as Lilibet.
Indigo: Of English origin, meaning deep-blue dye from the indigo plant. Can be abbreviated to Indie.
Poppy: The perfect floral title for a red-headed baby, Princess Poppy rolls off the tongue.
Posey: Keeping with the flower theme, this shortened version of Josephine means a small bunch of flowers.
Matilda: An Aussie moniker would be fitting, especially since they announced their pregnancy on the first day they landed on our sunburnt shores ahead of their royal tour last October.
Luna: Lady Luna has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Meadow: Meghan and Harry are big nature nature-lovers so Meadow, which means low-lying grassland, could be an option.
Primrose: This unusual name means first rose and could be shortened to Primmie or Rose.
Rebel: Because Harry and Meghan are Rebel hearts after all.
Donna: The ultimate tribute to the other girl boss in Suits, Donna Paulsen.
Wallis: King Edward's wife Wallis Simpson would be turning in her grave if she knew fellow American divorcee Meghan Markle had been welcomed into the royal fold with open arms. Naming their daughter Wallis could put to bed all the unrest of the past.
Meghan and Harry will welcome their first child this April. (Image: Getty)

Unique boy names

Zane: She played paralegal Rachel Zane on Suits for six years of her life so what better way to have a piece of her past always close to her heart.
Leopold: Regal but not predictable, Leopold means "brave people."
DJ (short for Doria Junior): Meghan's estranged father Thomas Markle most certainly won't be getting a look in but her beloved mother Doria might.
Toronto: Some couples like to name their baby after the city they were conceived in (looking at you, Brooklyn Beckham), but Meghan and Harry could opt for naming their bub after the city where much of their secret romance played out, Toronto. After being set-up on a blind date in London by a mutual friend, Harry and Meghan enjoyed many covert trips to Toronto, where Meghan was living at the time, before news of their romance broke.
Spike: During his 20s, Prince Harry was a huge fan of Facebook and even had a secret account under the pseudonym Spike Wells. While he had to delete his profile in the aftermath of his Las Vegas strip billiards scandal back in 2012, his alter ego has given us a glimpse into Harry's taste when it comes to boy names!
Storm: Because their royal love story took the world by storm...
Otis: The German origin of this name translates to wealthy. Enough said.
Malachy: This unusual Irish moniker means means "my angel" or "messenger of God."
Atticus: This classic title, made famous by fictional character Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, conjures up connections with intellect and history and means "man of Attica."
Kingsley: Baby Sussex may never be King, here's the next best thing.
These two are total naturals around kids! (Image: Getty)

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