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Did Prince Harry take this adorable Halloween photo of Meghan Markle?

Long before they married, Megs and Harry fully embraced the Halloween spirit!

By Bella Brennan
There's many things we're sure Meghan Markle misses about her pre-royal life - acting, Suits, her rescue dog Bogart.
But perhaps her biggest withdrawals are from social media as we know 37-year-old was a prolific Instagrammer, tweeter and blogger extraordinaire.
While Meghan sadly had to shut down all of her social media platforms in January, their legacy will long live on and thanks to her now defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, we know that the Californian-born beauty loved any excuse to celebrate.
And it looks like during the early days of her romance with Prince Harry, the now-Duchess of Sussex showed off her spooky side with a hilarious Halloween costume.
It was late October 2016 and Meghan and Harry's romance was mere days away from breaking around the world.
But before their worlds were turned upside down, they enjoyed one final romantic weekend together in their love bubble.
The pair had been quietly dating since meeting through mutual friends that July when Harry made an undercover trip to the actress' home in Toronto over the Halloween weekend.
Meghan strikes her best pumpkin pose! But was Prince Harry the man behind the camera? The timeline certainly matches up! (Image: Meghan Markle Instagram)
A newly-surfaced photo from Meghan's old Instagram account (RIP) from around that time shows the starlet holding an oversized pumpkin over her face as she sports a grey knitted cardigan and shorts in what looks to be her backyard.
"Happy Halloween, friends #Halloween #pumpkin," Meghan captioned the shot.
While Megs didn't reveal who captured the cute pic, it could have indeed been snapped by Prince Harry as we know he was staying with Meghan then.
During their Halloween weekend together, Canadian reporter Shinan Govani from claims the pair enjoyed a clandestine trick-or-treating expedition around Meghan's neighbourhood.
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Social queen: Meghan was a prolific Instagrammer. (Image: Instagram @meghanmarkle)
The publication revealed Harry wore a mask to avoid being detected and they later partied at Soho House Toronto, a member's club that is so exclusive, it requires at least two of the club's existing members to vouch for you.
This marked their final night together as an undercover couple as the the next day, the news of their romance was exclusively revealed by the Sunday Express and made headlines around the world.
Rocking a pumpkin head and going trick-or-treating with your very own prince isn't a bad way to spend your final days as a normal couple!
Haz, is that you? Meghan shared this photo of a ginger-bearded man back in 2016 and many fans think it's the prince. (Image: Instagram @meghanmarkle)
Meanwhile, it's not the first time Prince Harry has made a sneaky cameo on Meghan's social media accounts.
Thanks to some major sleuthing from one Ellie Hall, it seems Prince Harry very much made an appearance on her Instagram.
According to the Buzzfeed reporter, the Suits actress posted a snap of her man rocking a Golden Girls jumper two months into their relationship in 2016.
And who could forget those matching bracelets the pair proudly rocked before going public.
Ahh, the clues were there all along!
Subtle signs: Check out Harry's bracelet.
Then have a look at the identical one Meghan is wearing! (Image: Instagram @meghanmarkle)