Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan make a surprise appearance in an unsuspecting Zoom chat – and it was caught on camera

The Duke and Duchess shared a rare glimpse into their LA home.
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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are renowned for keeping a low profile at the best of times, but there are some occasions where they can’t help but break the fourth wall for their eagerly awaiting fans.

Their latest stint might just be the best of all, because not only have they made an appearance in the flesh, but they’ve also provided a unique insight into their new life in LA.

On Thursday, an image surfaced on social media showing the Duke and Duchess taking part in a Zoom video call, which they incidentally crashed (on purpose, of course), surprising a number of unsuspecting attendees.

The call itself was held for people involved in a non-profit organisation based in the US, offering mental health support via text.

A participant, named Ricky Neal, shared the rather unique experience in the best way we know how in these turbulent times – social media.

“It’s not every day that Meghan and Harry jump into your staff meeting & champion the work you do! Blessed to still be working during these crazy times! #quarantineselfie,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

In the image, Harry and Meghan are seen looking into the camera from inside their Los Angeles home.

Meghan is dressed casual chic as ever in a crisp shirt, while Harry wears a polo shirt.

Behind the pair, it’s possible to make out a gorgeous mahogany brown wooden wall behind them, which is decorated with a large painting and lit up with a lamp.

It certainly looks like one very chic home – which of course isn’t a big surprise given Meghan’s eye for style.

The rare insight proves the royal couple’s home is just as chic as we expected.


The couple moved to Los Angeles at the end of March, shortly before flights were grounded between the Californian city and their former base on Vancouver Island.

Since then, they have continued to self isolate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing only to leave their home to help support the vulnerable.

Back in April, they were spotted working alongside charity Project Angel to deliver food to those in need.

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The couple continue to work on their new foundation, Archewell, which was launched shortly after they formally stepped back from their roles as senior royal family members.

And with surprise calls like these, it seems they’re keeping very busy, continuing to work with various charities and shining a light on causes that deserve public attention.

We’ll just be over here on our own Zoom calls hoping for a sneaky Harry and Meghan appearance!

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