TV insider claims Duchess Meghan isn’t “the sort of person you can actually be friends with”

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She’s beautiful, intelligent and has taken the world by storm, but Duchess Meghan may not be bestie material.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, an unnamed source who knew the duchess back when she was Meghan Markle has said that while she has a lot of things going for her, she’s “not a person you can actually be friends with.”

“Meghan’s goal was always becoming a household name,” the TV insider said.

“She’s insanely smart and poised, but very, very guarded. She’s not a person you can actually be friends with. She’s the type of person who is best friends with her stylist.”

Meghan with her best friend, stylist Jessica Mulroney. (Image: Getty Images)

One of Duchess Meghan’s closest pals is stylist, consultant and wedding planner, Jessica Mulroney who met when Meghan moved to Toronto to film Suits.

Based on Jessica’s and Meghan’s since-deleted Instagram account, the two share a love of travel, yoga and good food and wine. Jessica was not only Meghan’s unofficial maid of honour whose three children were part of the bridal party, but she also accompanied the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their recent royal tour as the Duchess’s stylist.

Jessica is married to Ben Mulroney, the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and they were believed to be some of the first people Meghan introduced Harry to.

As one of Canada’s most glamorous power couples, it’s believed the Mulroney’s social ties helped connect Meghan to Harry.

“The Jessica Mulroney relationship was key in that it opened up the eco-system of her world. It’s what probably connected her to people like Justin [Trudeau] and to Sophie, and I think also to Markus [Anderson] and Soho House,” Toronto-based reporter Shinan Govani told Vanity Fair.

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A Hollywood source in the Vanity Fair piece also revealed that when Duchess Meghan was becoming more famous, she threw herself a “Sayonara Zara” party where she gave away the lower-priced clothes in her closet to her guests.

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This isn’t the first time reports have surfaced about Meghan’s personality. Meghan, who has been nicknamed “Hurricane Meghan” and “Difficult Duchess” reportedly threw a tantrum after she was not allowed to wear a certain tiara on her wedding day and her demands have have been so full on that several members of staff – including the duchess’ personal secretary who has worked with the royals for 17 years – have quit.

UK reports even claim that the Queen and Prince Charles ordered the apparently “feuding” duchesses Kate and Meghan to call a truce and make peace for Christmas Day.

“Meghan’s goal was always becoming a household name.” (Image: Getty Images)

The Duchess of Sussex also received a stern warning ahead of the new year from her estranged half sister Samantha Markle who spoke to UK paper The Daily Star.

“Thank him for your college education, your career, building every stage you set foot on, but really appreciate the people that care about you,” she said.

Samantha also told her half-sister, due to give birth in British springtime, to “count her blessings and reflect moving forward in the new year” as well as “pay that gratitude forward to your children so that they also thank you”.

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