The look of love: plenty of PDAs for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle despite their HECTIC schedules

Just when you thought these two couldn't get any cuter!
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Proving the honeymoon phase is still alive and well, Meghan Makle and Prince Harry could hardly keep their eyes (and sometimes their hands) off each other after arriving in Dublin today.

The visit to Ireland comes as part of a series of Royal trips to European Union members states the pair will undertake following the recent Brexit vote. It’s also the Duke and Duchess of Sussex first international visit as a married couple.

While in Dublin, the pair have certainly had a packed schedule including meeting the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and attending a summer garden party at Glencairn, the British Ambassador’s residence.

All of this comes AFTER the pair attended the christening of their nephew Prince Louis and THEN the pair joined the Royal family for a ceremony to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Air Force at London’s Westminster Abbey.

How they maintain any energy to be so smitten is a mystery, but we love them for it!

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If this isn’t the look of love, then what is? The pair smile at each other during the service at Westminster Abbey in honor of the RAF’s 100th anniversary.

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The Newly weds only had eyes for each other at the celebrations for the centenary of the Royal Air Force.

They just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

After arriving in Dublin and meeting the Prime Minister of Ireland, Meghan and Harry signed the official guestbook of the Ministerial offices.

Harry first signed his name in the official book, commenting that he “never signs big enough,” before Meghan, a former calligrapher, stepped in to add her name.

“Yours is much nicer than mine,” the Prince laughed upon seeing two names together.

You can’t beat the handwriting of a professional calligrapher, a role Meghan worked part-time to support her acting before marrying into the Royal family.

A former calligrapher, Meghan signs her name in the guest book.

The pair hardly had time to take a breath before they were the guests of honour at a summer garden party at Glencairn, the British Ambassador’s residence.

Harry pointed playfully at Meghan who was wearing a stunning midi-length Givenchy dress.

Harry and Meghan arrived at the garden party hand-in-hand.

Harry made a touching speech during the party about his love for Ireland, and shared his joy that he and his new wife had made this their first international trip as a married couple.

“Standing here with you on this beautiful evening, it is easy to see why Ireland has such a special place in the hearts of my family and indeed all those who come here,” he said.

“We’re so pleased to be here, for our first official international visit together as a married couple, and we hope it will be the first of many.”

The pair were in great spirits throughout the event.

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