Neighbours spoilers: Why Chloe fears telling girlfriend Elly the truth

‘I’m not well.'
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In Neighbours, Elly and Chloe are facing a life-threatening situation that will either make or break their relationship – will they come out on top?

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) starts to experience symptoms of Huntington’s disease, which causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.

Chloe is experiencing symptoms of Huntington’s disease.

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When Nicolette (Hannah Monson) urges Chloe to tell her partner, Elly (Jodi Gordon), she begins to crumble under pressure from the stress of what the conversation could do to the future of their relationship.

“Chloe’s greatest fear is that nobody will love her because of her illness,” April, 35, tells TV WEEK. “She’s terrified that it has progressed decades too early and that Elly will want to leave her when she finds out.”

Elly arrives in Erinsborough excited about spending time with Chloe, but with no idea of the clouds looming on the horizon.

How will Elly react?

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Not wanting to burden Elly, Chloe begins to pull away from her partner, believing she’ll be much better off without her.

“Chloe is nervous about going through this health journey alone and potentially much sooner than expected,” April says.

“But she doesn’t want Elly to feel resentful or obliged to stay by her side through something Chloe knows will be incredibly difficult [to endure].”

Will Chloe and Elly break up?

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When Chloe’s symptoms become so severe that she can’t even hold a cup of coffee, she has no option but to tell Elly the truth about what’s going on.

Because she doesn’t want Elly to have to see her deteriorate, Chloe gives her the option to leave before she’s in too deep. Elly has a life-changing decision to make.

A big decision for the couple is unavoidable – will Elly stay or leave? And is love enough to keep them together and stronger than ever?

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