Heartbreak or hope? Toadie & Terese’s future looks rocky in Neighbours

But what do their ex's have to do with it?
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The Neighbours 2023 premiere was the most exciting and shocking relaunch, but the main question on every fan’s lips is: What happened to Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou)?

In the first episode of the Neighbours revival, the unlikely pairing Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese said “I do.”

Toadie and Terese were wed in the Neighbours 2023 premiere.

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Yet during the show’s July 2022 finale, Toadie was exchanging vows with Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), meanwhile Teresa had rekindled her romance with Paul Robinson.

So how did both these relationships fizzle out within the two-year time gap? In the second episode, it was confirmed Paul left Terese standing at the alter of a planned vow renewal. But the reason as to why is more terrifying than we could ever imagine.

When Melanie relocated to the UK, she nannied Krista Sinclair (Majella Davis) who fell in with the wrong crowd and became addicted to illicit substances. While trying to help, Melanie was caught on CCTV holding the drugs and was consequently wanted on drug charges.

Paul left Terese standing at the alter.

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Eager to forget, she fled the UK – until Krista came knocking on her door asking for money. All was quiet until a year later when Krista returned to Erinsborough and stirred up trouble.

The pair were caught in a scuffle when Melanie pushed Krista into the pool, hitting her head and knocking her unconscious. A panicked Mel believed she killed Krista, when Paul came to her aide to hide the body. But Eden beat him to the punch, claiming he disposed the body already. 

Eden blackmail Paul and paid a pretty sum to keep the ordeal a secret. 

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Guilt ridden Melanie ended her marriage with Toadie, leaving only a mere note behind.

“I read that goodbye letter so many times,” Toadie expressed in the show. “I know that she says that she wasn’t cut out to be a step-parent. I get that. I’m not looking for other explanations that aren’t there.”

Meanwhile, Paul left Terese believing he covered up a death. However, it was all a lie. In November, fans were shocked to see Krista very much alive.

In the months since the shows premiere, fans have seen Paul and Terese’s storyline intertwine but never quiet connecting like they used to. But what about Toadie and his ex-wife Melanie? 

Terese and Toadie have been on rocky ground recently following Melanie’s attempts to destroy their relationship. But spoilers have revealed Toadie will seek support in his ex-wife once more, feeling Terese seems more concerned with Paul than their own marital issues. 

Will Toadie cheat?
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“It was extremely hurtful,” Ryan told TV WEEK. “Toadie prefaced to Terese how worried he was that they were drifting away from each other and if they didn’t do something about it, it would continue to grow and worsen. Once Terese cancelled the date, it solidified what Toadie was fearing the most. There’s only so much rejection he can take and only so many times he can put up with Terese seemingly showing their relationship isn’t a priority.”

“It’s constantly playing on Toadie’s mind whether Terese still has feelings for Paul,” Ryan says. “His jealousy is slowly growing over their relationship, particularly when Terese is not putting in the effort towards their marriage.

“Toadie would be heartbroken if Terese were to leave him for Paul, although, he’d somewhat unsurprised given how distant she’s been.”

However, Rebekah told TV WEEK Terese would be completely “blindsided” if Toadie were to “ever do something he wasn’t supposed to with Melanie.”

In this chat, Melanie attempts to comfort Toadie when they share a heated moment. While Toadie rushes away before things go too far – will he cheat on Terese? 

Now, a cheating scandal is set to erupt with tension brewing between Toadie and Terese, it’s only a matter of time before one of them crosses line – possibly with a former lover.

Will it be Toadie and his ex-wife Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), who’s been fawning over him ever since her return to Erinsborough? 

“Melanie is so consumed by her desire to reclaim the life she had with Toadie, it blinds her to the consequences of what it would mean for his relationship with Terese,” Ryan told TV WEEK

Or will it be Terese who runs back to her former husband as she and Paul continue to grow closer over the shared pain of each having lost a son? 

“Terese cheating with Paul would certainly be the answer to Melanie’s problems,” Ryan said. “Toadie loves Terese, but their marriage is in crisis. He’s vulnerable, scared and hurt.” 

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