Out of 40 wedding ceremonies, these are the most iconic “I do” moments in Neighbours history

A whole lot of love with a little touch of drama!
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Fans mourned the loss of their favourite soap drama series in 2022, but by some miracle, Neighbours was revived in 2023.

The Neighbours team truly pulled all the stops for the premiere in September as it started off with a shock wedding which absolutely no one saw coming.

The surprise wedding ceremony between two unsuspecting people made us wonder what other incredible weddings have fans seen in its 37-year history?

Because no one quite does weddings like Neighbours! The series has only aired a total of 40 weddings…

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Scott and Charlene

Scott and Charlene’

The “wedding of the century” where Charlene Mitchell, played my Kylie Minogue, walked down the aisle to Scott Robinson, played by Jason Donovan, aired on July 1, 1987.

Scott rocked a high and mighty mullet while Charlene wore a fitting dress for the 1980s featuring dramatic sleeves, flowers and frills.

“It was the ’80s summed up in one fabulous mess,” Nicholas Wakerley, the show’s costume designer, told TV WEEK.

The wedding’s theme song, ‘Suddenly‘ by Angry Anderson was hand-picked by Kylie, knowing it was “the one” from the moment she heard it, according to the artist.

Two million Australians watched the pair exchange vows, and in November 1988 when it aired in the UK, 19.6 million people tuned in.

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Elly Conway and Mark Brennan

Elly Conway and Mark Brennan

This wedding began with a rocky start back in 2019.

Elly, played by Jodi Anasta, was ridden with guilt after sleeping with Mark’s, played by Scott McGregor, sister Chloe behind his back after ran off and called off the wedding.

Despite the odds, the pair walked down the aisle and exchanged vows – but not without a last-minute intervention from Chloe.

No longer able to hide the secret from him, it becomes too much for Elly and she confesses to cheating on him with his sister.

While the pair stayed together, this wasn’t the only cheating scandal. Shortly afterwards, Elly fell pregnant with another man’s child, and this was Mark’s final straw.

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Sky Mangel and Lana Crawford

Sky Mangel and Lana Crawford

This was Neighbours first same-sex couple received the happy ending they deserved in the show’s 35th anniversary episode.

Sky, played by Stephanie McIntosh reprised her role after 13 years of not being on the soap. Sky returned to Erinsborough to tie the knot with her old flame Lana.

Sky donned a stunning blazer-style dress meanwhile Lana wore a lace mini with frilled sleeves.

It was an exciting time for Neighbours fans who watched the pair connect in 2004 and 2005.

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Toadie and Mel

Toadie and Mel

It’s no secret that Toadie, played by Ryan Moloney, has been unlucky in love.

Despite some cold feet from Mel, played by Lucinda Cowden, Toadie makes a grand gesture and proposes again in their living room.

The pair wed in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family in the Neighbours finale.

“It’s a full-on love-fest!” Ryan told TV WEEK in 2022.

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Toadie and Terese

Toadie and Terese

That’s right, Toadie has been listed twice. In the Neighbours reboot, fans were shocked that Toadie would once again be tying the knot but this time to Terese, played by Rebekah Elmaloglou.

In the two year time jump, Toadie had split from Mel and Terese’s previously rekindled romance with Paul Robinson had fizzled out.

“It’s not going to be smooth sailing, how boring would that be? With Melanie and Toadie, and Paul and Terese, there’s gonna be drama,” Rebekah told Back to the Bay.

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