Fan-favourite April Rose Pengilly reprises her Neighbours character Chloe in new promo

But not in the way we expected...
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Months prior to the reboots launch date in September, Neighbours confirmed fan-favourite April Rose Pengilly would reprise her role, Chloe Brennan.

While the actress and her character have been absent from our screens, a Neighbours promotional video has teased her return.

Chloe returns in the flashback week.

(Image: Amazon Freevee)

In the latest spoilers, it was revealed Chloe Brennan would return to Erinsborough as a guest star. However, she won’t be appearing in present day Erinsborough.

From November 13 to 16, Neighbours is airing ‘Tell-All: Flashback Week’ episodes where we will dive into all the secrets hidden by the two-year time jump.

One of the biggest secrets fans cannot wait to uncover is why Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) abandoned Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) at the alter as they went to renew their vows. And telling from the spoiler photos, it’s clear to see Paul running away…

Chloe returns with three other characters.

(Image: Amazon Freevee)

Chloe Brennan will appear in the specially-filmed flashback scenes, among side other returning characters including Nicolette Stone (Hannah Monson), David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson).

Unfortunately for fans, the details regarding why these four original characters have returned to Erinsborough remain unclear.

However, April Rose fans will be joyous to discover Chloe will return to Neighbours present day, according to Digital Spy. In the synopsis for December 7, it reveals “Nicole confronts Chloe,” hinting there will be tension between the two.

Continue reading for the cryptic synopsis of all four episodes of the Neighbours ‘Tell-All: Flashback week.’

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Monday, November 13: “The residents of Ramsay Street are challenged when long-held secrets come to the surface.”

Tuesday, November 14: “The revelations continue when an unassuming resident of Ramsay Street steps forward to confess their part in the troubling secrets of the past.”

Wednesday, November 15: “As the web of secrets continues to unravel, surprising new players enter the fold.”

Thursday, November 16: “The past catches up to the future as tensions and secrets come to a head.”

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