Neighbours is reversing time with new flashback episodes explaining the two-year time jump

We have so many burning questions.
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When Neighbours returned to televisions screens in September, the two-year time jump left viewers with a lot of questions, in particular: how did Toadie and Terese fall in love?

However, all these questions will be solved as Neighbours is gearing up to reverse the clock in mid-November with four episodes titled ‘Tell-All: Flashback week.’

Neighbours Flashback Week will explore Terese and Paul’s wedding.

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Paul mysteriously walks out of the wedding ceremony.

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Unfortunately for fans, the synopsis for the four episodes airing from November 13 are incredibly cryptic. However, new spoiler photos (above) released by Amazon Freevee will show Paul walking off in the middle of his wedding ceremony with Terese.

The reason as to why Paul gets cold feet will remain a secret until Flashback week.

It comes as no surprise Neighbours would explain the split given the first episode heavily focused on the wedding of Toadie and Terse. There is no denying that Neighbours have been building the foundations of a major plotline.

Lately Paul, played by Stefan Dennis, hasn’t been willing to give up on his lost love. While previously speaking to TV WEEK, Stefan admitted Paul is “hurt.”

During the two year jump, Paul and Terese split.

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“He knows Terese is trying to cut all ties, but he’s determined to still be in her life, even if that means meddling where he shouldn’t,” he said.

“Terese will always be an important part of Paul’s life… Paul may move on, but Terese will always be the one.”

Plus, in an interview with Digital Spy, Stefan also confessed there is an “incredibly big storyline” approaching soon which he can’t yet reveal.

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“It’s nothing like what you think,” he told the publication. “The one thing that we can tell you is that even though it looks like Paul was being his typical ruthless self, and a selfish person by shunning Terese at the altar, he actually did it for Terese and she doesn’t know that.

“She doesn’t realise that Paul, in his own way, he was protecting her. That was why he jilted her at the altar.”

Continue reading for the cryptic synopsis of all four episodes of the Neighbours ‘Tell-All: Flashback week.’

Toadie and Terese married in the first reboot episode.

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Monday, November 13: “The residents of Ramsay Street are challenged when long-held secrets come to the surface.”

Tuesday, November 14: “The revelations continue when an unassuming resident of Ramsay Street steps forward to confess their part in the troubling secrets of the past.”

Wednesday, November 15: “As the web of secrets continues to unravel, surprising new players enter the fold.”

Thursday, November 16: “The past catches up to the future as tensions and secrets come to a head.”

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