Australia reacts to the era-defining Neighbours finale: “MAFS remains on the air but Neighbours gets the flick”

All the tears and memes as the soap comes to an end.
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Thursday night marked the end of an era for Australian television as iconic soap Neighbours aired its grand finale, wrapping up more than 37 years on Aussie TV screens – and the fan reactions were almost as good as the show itself.

Thousands tuned in as original cast members returned and Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi made his way down the aisle one last time in the 90-minute special.

With plenty watching from their phones and laptops, social media was flooded with reactions from the moment the landmark episode began.

Former cast members returned for the emotional finale after more than three decades on air.

(Image: 10 Peach)

Fans were already sharing jokes and a few tears on social media before the iconic theme song hit our TVs for the last time, taking to Twitter in the hours before the finale aired.

Plenty were returning to the show after years or decades of not watching, one joking: “will the season finale of Neighbours make sense if I haven’t seen episode 2345-5954?”

Others pondered if the show would go all-out for the finale and ressurect a few iconic characters, like Stingray and Tadpole. We wouldn’t bet on it.


And from the moment the first notes of the theme song played, fans went into an absolute frenzy of emotion.

There was plenty of reminiscing on old plotlines and characters, especially given that we already knew to expect cameos from Ramsay Street legends like Kylie Minogue and Margot Robbie.

And it wouldn’t be a TV finale without memes… so many memes.

Keep scrolling for all the best reactions to the Neighbours finale.


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