Trouble in paradise: Are Ziggy and Dean about to break up AGAIN on Home and Away?

Will Dean lose the love of his life for good?
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For many Home And Away fans, the sight of Ziggy and Dean in each other’s arms once again is simply glorious.

But this image is shattered like a broken photo frame this week when an angry Dean snaps and pushes Ziggy away.

After taking so long to get back together, is the romance of Summer Bay glamour couple Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) headed for the scrap heap all over again?

Dean and Ziggy together again! But how long will it last?

(Image: Channel Seven)

Let’s remember, Dean almost died in a horrific car crash in country NSW.

If not for the heroic efforts of firstly Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) in raising the alarm, and secondly Dr Logan (Harley Bonner) in treating him, Dean would surely be dead.

As he lay in his hospital bed, barely alive, Ziggy realised the undeniable truth: she loved Dean, and she forgave him for his role in covering up the murder of Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), for which Colby (Tim Franklin) is now serving time in prison.

“I think Ziggy forgave Dean the second she thought she’d lost him,” Sophie, 28, tells TV WEEK.

Dean was rescued from the terrifying crash.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Last week, their romance was reignited when Ziggy kissed Dean in his hospital bed.

But Dean’s mood sours when Logan breaks the news that he’ll soon be starting physiotherapy.

Having been in a major accident before, Dean realises he has a tough road ahead and sends Ziggy away.

“Dean definitely still loves Ziggy, but it’s the situation he’s found himself in that’s causing him to revert inwards,” Patrick, 28, tells TV WEEK.

When Ziggy returns to the hospital, she sees Dean struggling with his physio and questions whether he needs more pain medication.

Dean is struggling with his painful physio sessions.

(Image: Channel 7)

But Dean has a meltdown, ordering Ziggy to leave before giving the physio the boot too. Dean, mate – calm down!

“His pride has taken a big hit and he feels as though he’s not the boyfriend that Ziggy either needs or deserves,” Patrick says. “He struggles to accept that she will love him.”

But Ziggy isn’t about to quit easily, and she returns later with Logan and Mac (Emily Weir). Dean is – unsurprisingly – hostile and orders everyone to leave, including Logan.

Will Dean come to his senses?

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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