Home and Away

Home & Away set to plunge into a messy love triangle as Ziggy and Dean steal a kiss - how will Tane react?

Will it lead to something more?

By Stephen Downie
The long-hoped for reunion between Ziggy and Dean is sealed with a kiss this week on Home And Away.
Many fans were left devastated when this Summer Bay dream couple split last year, paving the way for Ziggy to strike up a sexy romance with Tane (Ethan Browne) and his bulging biceps.
Ziggy and Dean's reunion is sealed with a kiss. Channel 7
But in truth, Dean has never stopped loving Ziggy. And there is certainly a part of Ziggy that is still drawn to her ex.
"Deep down Ziggy is still attracted to Dean," Sophie, 28, explains.
Initially, Ziggy, Tane and Dean are set to support Bella at her photo exhibition. But when Tane can't go, Ziggy and Dean attend together.
"I think Ziggy is really nervous about the exhibition," Sophie says. "She has a lot of mixed feelings going on in her brain!"
Both Ziggy and Dean are initially feeling out of place among the art-loving crowd, but soon find themselves joking around together.
In a private section, Ziggy gives in to her feelings and plants a kiss on Dean. It certainly takes him by surprise.
Their passionate kiss could lead to some rash decisions. Channel 7
"They are in a place together that they don't belong, they are having so much fun, they are relying on each other for companionship… it feels like the old days when things were perfect," Sophie shares.
But will Ziggy tell Tane what happened? And if she does, will that drive her or Dean to do something rash?

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