Getting Ziggy with it! Why Home and Away fans love the sassiest Summer Bay local

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When the troubled Ziggy Astoni first graced the screens of Home and Away, fans weren’t sure what to make of the bold newcomer.

With an ex-boyfriend who was still causing strife for the Astoni family (seriously, the back story involved him knocking Ziggy’s mum Maggie unconscious…), the young blonde Aussie didn’t exactly have, er, humble beginnings on the show.

But boy were we in for a character arc like no other.

Played by the formidable talent Sophie Dillman, fans watched with anticipation as Ziggy and her family settled in Summer Bay (completely by chance as they road-tripped up the coast).

And in a twist that no one (and definitely not Ziggy, herself) saw coming, she finds herself settling into a new, rather wholesome normal.

Funnily enough, it suits her.

In the years since her first appearance in 2017, we’ve watched as Ziggy has grown both as daughter, partner and friend – and what a journey it’s been.

From troubled beginnings and controversial boyfriends, to a gritty garage job and with a fiercely loyal persona, Ziggy is the ultimate Summer Bay heroine.

Keep scrolling as we relive her best moments.

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Ziggy Brody

Ziggy made a connection in the early days with Brody Morgan, the local chef of Salt, who harboured a troubling drug addiction.

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Ziggy Brody 2

The pair strike up a quick romance, initially in secret as Ziggy’s dad, Ben, doesn’t approve of the pair.

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Ziggy Ben

Eventually, the truth about Ziggy and Brody’s relationship comes to light, and Ben is forced to come to terms with it – which he does… though he’s not particularly enthusiastic.

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Around the same time, Ziggy scores a job at the local garage, proving she’s quite the jack of all trades.

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Ziggy Coco

Her relationship with her family is proven to be what’s most important to her. Ziggy and younger sister Coco share a special bond that’s undeniable on-screen.

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Ziggy Maggie

And her mum, Maggie is no different. When Maggie is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family rally to support her.

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Wedding 1

With a blossoming relationship between Ziggy and Brody, the pair marry – perfect timing as Maggie begins a course of chemo.

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Wedding 2

Like many Summer Bay weddings gone by, this was truly one for the books – we’re particularly fond of Ziggy’s wedding dress, which was designed by her pal and talented fashion designer Olivia.

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Ziggy Brody

But the marriage is short-lived, as Brody’s affair with one of his employees, Simone, is revealed. Eventually, Ziggy moves back to her parents’ house and won’t hear another word from Brody, and the pair decide to divorce.

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Ziggy Dean 4

It wasn’t long before Ziggy’s new love interest started making waves – the former River Boy Dean and Ziggy seemed almost destined to be together before long…

(Channel Seven)

Ziggy Dean 3

Of course, you can’t deny the chemistry between these two, quite literally – the actors Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor date in real life!

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Ziggy Dean 5

In a more recent development, Ziggy found out that Ben mightn’t be her real father, after Maggie confessed she had slept with Ben’s brother Marco. A paternity test is undertaken, and after a highly anticipated wait, it turns out to simply be a scare – Ben is indeed Ziggy’s father.

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