Home and Away

The results are in as Home And Away’s Maggie discovers who Ziggy’s true father is

Double the daddy issues.

By Tamara Cullen
One question has been left hanging over Ziggy's head since she learnt of her mother's long-ago fling with Marco - is he her biological father?
Now, she's about to find out.
In Home And Away, Marco (Tim Walter, right) ordered a paternity test to find out who Ziggy's (Sophie Dillman) father is. Maggie (Kestie Morassi), though reluctant, agrees.
In recent episodes, she revealed to her husband Ben (Rohan Nichol) that she slept with his brother Marco while they were briefly broken up.
While facing the fallout from the secret she's carried for decades, the consequence could not only end her marriage, but cause Ben to lose Ziggy.
"How can you come back from this?" Sophie tells TV WEEK.
"Ziggy feels awful because she pushed her dad to rekindle his relationship with his brother, but now Marco has destroyed their family with one piece of information. She can't imagine life without Ben as her father."
Ziggy has been avoiding her mother. Image: Channel Seven
Maggie, who has been ostracised by her family for weeks, attempts to mend fences, but Ziggy is interested only in being there for her dad. She dodges her mother's phone calls – and lashes out at her boyfriend Dean (Patrick O'Connor), straining that relationship too.
"The rage monster is out," Sophie says with a laugh.
"Ziggy is really angry. She went through all the deceit with Brody [Jackson Heywood, who played her ex-husband] and now it's happening again between her parents. She's heartbroken."
While Ziggy and Ben help each other through the hard times, Maggie is on her own. She turns to Roo (Georgie Parker) for advice as to how to fix her marriage. Unfortunately, it could be too little too late.
Marco has the DNA results Maggie's been waiting for. Image: Channel Seven
The following day, Marco arrives with the news Maggie has been waiting to hear. He hands her an envelope containing the results of the paternity test. With a trembling hand, she opens the letter and begins to read…
"Whatever the results are, things have changed for the family," Sophie says.
A few hours later, Ziggy arrives home to finish packing.
The tension is palpable as Maggie tries to make small talk. When that doesn't work, she tells her daughter she's found out the results.
Now, after weeks of silence, Ziggy gives her mother her undivided attention. What will Maggie say?

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