Home And Away spoilers: A targeted attack rattles Mali and Rose

Who can Rose trust?
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Rose’s big declaration of love is overshadowed by an ominous threat this week when someone ransacks the Farmhouse. The question is who?

In Home And Away, Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are on an awkward footing after he casually said he loved her – and then quickly took it back. While he meant what he said, Rose hoped it would be bigger, more romantic. If it had have been, she would have said it too.

Rose has been threatened!

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After Mackenzie (Emily Weir) encourages policewoman Rose to share her feelings, she returns home inspired. She takes the night off and plans a surprise dinner at the Farmhouse.

Mali is later greeted by Rose, who blindfolds him and leads him home. But when they arrive, they’re shocked to find the house trashed and her candlelit dinner on the floor.

A threatening message is scribbled across the tablecloth: ‘Stay away from my wife.”

The message reads: “Stay away from my wife”.

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Rose demands answers from Mali, but he insists he has no idea. With her heart in a knot, but a suspect to track down, Rose heads to the police station and calls in Mali for questioning.

He’s livid – does she really think he’d cheat?

“Rose needs someone she can trust,” Kirsty tells TV WEEK. “But one thing that may become obvious is how undeniable the chemistry is between these two.”

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While Rose investigates a new lead in the case and busies her mind, Mali vents his frustration to Rose’s half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os), complaining how things keep coming between them just when they appear to be back on track.

Xander says his sibling is a hothead who sometimes jumps to conclusions and advises him not to give up hope. But Mali is starting to wonder if they’re just not meant to be.

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