Home and Away spoilers: Notorious cult Vita Nova comes after an injured Justin

Mission to kill.
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Justin barely made it out of the kidnapping ordeal alive. But the danger is far from over as members of the dangerous Vita Nova cult ready to come after him again.

In recent weeks in Home And Away, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) were abducted, locked in an abandoned warehouse and left for dead.

Justin almost lost his life…

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In their failed attempt to escape, Justin almost lost his life, forcing his fiancée Leah to say what she thought was a final goodbye. Miraculously, he pulled through. But is it short-lived?

When Vita Nova hear Justin is recovering in hospital, they move to finish the job…

When police officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) stops by the hospital to see how Justin and Leah are doing, he asks his colleague Rose (Kirsty Marillier) why she hasn’t posted a guard on the ward, given what’s happened.

His question doesn’t go down too well with Rose and she quickly moves him on – but that lack of security is the very thing that might assist Vita Nova in their mission.

“Initially, no-one suspects anything.”

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Outside, an orderly named Jordan (Jack Angwin), who’s actually a Vita Nova member, relays the conversation he’s overheard to his bosses and asks when he should act. Then he visits Justin to resume his duties, concealing his motives.

“Initially, no-one suspects anything,” Ada, 46, tells TV WEEK.

Next morning, her spirits renewed, Leah heads to the hospital. But her mood is shattered when she mentions the “helpful” orderly Jordan to doctor Bree (Juliet Godwin) and is told there’s no-one by that name at the hospital.

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The information sounds alarm bells for Rose, but they’re too late – they find Justin on the floor, unconscious.

“Rose cottons on at the 11th hour and races back to Justin,” Ada says. “Jordan has tried to suffocate him with a pillow.”

Rose puts the hospital into lockdown as doctors rush to help. With time running out to save Justin and find his attacker, the stakes have never been higher!

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