Home and Away spoilers: Will Irene be sent to jail?

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Despite trying to ignore the legal trouble she’s in, Irene faces court this week and will finally learn her fate. Could she go to jail?

In a tense week in Home And Away, Irene (Lynne McGranger) arrives at court for her hearing.

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Anxious and shaking, she’s greeted by her lawyer Greta (Amanda McGregor), who briefs her on the opposing bench – and the judge. He’s a stickler for the rules and they have a tough fight ahead.

Irene was arrested for harbouring wanted fugitive Dana (Ally Harris) and has since tried to distance herself from the incident – and her friends – as much as possible. But if she doesn’t fight back, her fear could be her downfall.

“Irene was hesitant, because she was trying to convince herself it wasn’t going to come to anything,” Lynne, 70, tells TV WEEK. “The thought of going back to jail would be too much to bear.”

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As the hearing gets underway, the atmosphere is tense. Dana, her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and John (Shane Withington) are there to support Irene – a poignant moment for Irene who has pushed them all away.

“She feels dreadful in court – she thinks she’s gone for all money, because [policewoman] Rose [Kirsty Marillier] had told her she could get seven years in jail,” Lynne says.

“The last time she was in jail she ended up back on the alcohol again.”

Things unravel quickly when the prosecutor asks for the maximum sentence of seven years, and the judge appears to show little compassion.

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Greta scrambles and declares that Irene would like to make a statement. But with Irene’s history and the judge disapproving, will it help or hinder? Speaking from the heart, Irene reaffirms her belief in good and her reasons for hiding Dana. It’s a moving speech, but not everyone is convinced.

“Irene is terrified,” Lynne says.

The following morning, Irene appears to hear the verdict. With one last glance at her friends, she wipes away tears as the judge delivers his ruling…

Will she be found guilty?

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