Home and Away spoilers: Leah embraces a dying Justin

The final goodbye...
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They survived a nightmare kidnapping, but worse is to come this week, with Justin’s final moments imminent.

In Home And Away, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is given awful news: her fiancé Justin (James Stewart) is unlikely to survive the injuries he suffered while trying to escape the abandoned warehouse they’d been trapped in.

Leah can’t live without Justin.

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Dr Bree (Juliet Godwin) tells her the damage to Justin’s heart isn’t improving – it may be time to say goodbye. Leah can’t bring herself to accept the news.

“I’m not letting you go”, she sobs.

“It [the trauma] hits her really hard; she’s devastated,” Ada, 46, tells TV WEEK. “She can’t live without him… she’s a complete mess.”

Bree contacts Justin’s family, advising them to make a final visit. When Theo (Matt Evans) arrives and sees how devastated his aunt Leah is, the young man tries to distract her by asking about the wedding instead.

Is this the moment we must say goodbye?

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When she and Justin were trapped in the warehouse, Leah had asked him to marry her, but then managed to find a way out and ran to seek help.

“It was really hard to get out, and she was weak, but she did,” Ada explains. “She was in a bad state and began to hallucinate, but knew she had to try.”

Leah snaps back at a request to discuss with the police what happened. Members of Vita Nova, the cult behind their kidnapping, are still at large and a threat.

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Leah reluctantly has the police interview, but when she returns to the hospital, panics to find Justin isn’t there. In fact, he’s just been taken for scans, but from Leah’s extreme reaction, it’s clear Justin isn’t the only one in a bad way.

When Alf (Ray Meagher) arrives, Leah collapses in her friend’s arms, sobbing for the love she may lose forever. Is this the moment we must say goodbye?

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