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She’s growing up fast! All of James Stewart and lookalike daughter Scout’s sweetest moments together

These two are the cutest father-daughter duo ever.
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Home and Away’s James Stewart may be known for stirring up trouble as Justin Morgan on the hit soap, but he’s also one seriously doting dad.

The proud father loves nothing more than posting about his daughter, Scout, who he shares with ex-partner Jessica Marais.

The actor has never been shy about celebrating his daughter Scout’s life milestones with his fans, sharing sweet posts to mark her major life events including her birthdays and first day of school.

Quite frankly, we can’t get enough of their adorable bond.

Scout has also tried her hand at acting as the young star previously joined Summer Bay. 

“My daughter came to play Annabel Wolf. She was an exceptional cast member. I always like it when a young person comes in and they work really hard and do a really good job. It makes you go ‘This is worth it. What we’re doing is worth it,” James told TV WEEK.

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In an interview with our sister site, WHO Magazine, James confessed being a father had made him a “better man.”

“I’m kinder, more attentive, more involved and passionate about life, way more protective and caring,” he said. “But most of all, it’s made me more loving.

“Every night at Scout’s bedtime, I make sure I’m there to tell her I love her. I make sure she hears the words ‘Daddy loves you’.”

James shared this sweet snap with Scout to celebrate Fathers Day in 2022.

James and Scout showed their support for the LGBTQIA+ community at the 2022 Mardi Gras!

James Stewart family

James’ twin Nick posted this adorable picture with their daughter’s Scout (R) and Grace (L) with the caption, “Cheeky monkeys 🐒 I asked for a serious photo 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣.”


James posted this stunning picture to celebrate Scout’s birthday, “Happy Birthday Scout! 9 years old!! Woah, where did the time go?! ❤️ You’ll always be my little bubba’… xoxo Love Dad,” penned the actor.

James Stewart Scout

Here is James basking in the sun beside his one and only sunshine.

James celebrated Father’s Day in 2017 with this throwback post.

“The greatest thing that ever happened to me,” he wrote. “The deepest love I’ve ever felt. ‘ever ever’. I love you Scout. thanks for rescuing me. ❤️ HAPPY FATHERS DAY… lads.”

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James Stewart jokes about on the set of Home and Away

James describes Scout (R) and her look-alike cousin Grace (L) as the “funniest little angels.”

“Family time with Scout & Grace… Flower girls at my sister’s wedding!”

James wished his fans a Merry Christmas with this sweet family photo.

James recruited a new Queensland supporter for the State Of Origin in 2017.

James wished ex Jess a Happy Mother’s Day with this picture of Scout, holding an adorable hand-made card.

“My little Princess,” James penned alongside this selfie.

Hats? check. Adorable grins? check. James and his mini-me have been in sync from the early days!

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