Home and Away spoilers: Leah proposes to her stricken partner

‘Marry me Justin.'
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Unable to accept the possibility of losing the love of her life, Leah makes the ultimate declaration this week in Home and Away. But are her words too late?

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are in the fight of their lives after being waylaid and abducted.

Is Leah too late?

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Lethal cult Vita Nova exacted revenge by luring the couple to a secret location under the guise that they’d won a romantic holiday. Instead, a gang of thugs locked them in an abandoned warehouse with no food or water. After three long days and no help in sight, things are looking bleak.

When Justin scaled the rafters to try to find a way out, the scaffolding collapsed, pinning him underneath. With significant injuries, Justin is in a bad way.

Realising no-one is coming to rescue them, Leah utters a heartfelt proposal.

“Will you marry me?” she asks, tears streaming down her face.

They hold each other in what could be their final moments.

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“With her life flashing before her eyes, she just can’t imagine it without Justin,” Ada, 46, tells TV WEEK. “She asks him to marry her because she can’t live without him.”

Weak and barely able to move, Leah musters all her energy and courage to get them to safety, but with Justin injured and unconscious, tragedy looms. Hold on, Justin!

Missed what happened to Justin and Leah last week in Home and Away? Continue reading for a refresher.

Kidnapped and trapped in an abandoned warehouse with no food or water, Justin and Leah are in a bad way. No-one knows where they are – and time is running out.

But what have the Summer Bay couple done that someone might want them dead?

In a tense week of Home And Away, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) are excited about their romantic getaway. It’s been a long time since they’ve had any time alone together and they plan to relish the relaxation.

“She realises time is running out and that he may die.”

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When Justin receives a call to say he’s won a free trip, they can’t believe their luck! But not all is as it seems…

“On the way to their holiday, there’s a breakdown on the road, and Justin and Leah get intercepted and kidnapped,” Ada, 46, tells TV WEEK.

“We find them three days later in an abandoned warehouse. They haven’t eaten or had water – and have no idea where they are.”

With no-one able to locate them, the couple are on their own. Justin tries desperately to find a way out of the derelict warehouse, but his efforts seem hopeless.

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Dehydrated and struggling even to stand, they hold each other in what could be their final moments.

In a last-ditch bid to escape, Justin decides to climb a nearby ladder and scale the rafters. But the ordeal has drained his energy and strength and the shaky scrap metal falls on top of him.

Leah rushes to clear the debris off him, but the impact has left him unable to move and he can barely breathe.

“Justin lands on his back and is badly injured,” Ada says. “She realises time is running out and that he may die.”

Leah sobs by his side, terrified she may lose the love of her life. As Justin slips in and out of consciousness, fans may need to brace themselves for a sad goodbye…

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