EXCLUSIVE: Meet the new medic in Summer Bay as Juliet Godwin joins Home And Away

And it looks like there's trouble ahead.
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When drama strikes in Summer Bay, you can always rely on the local doctor to save the day, be it a shoulder to lean on or to dispense medical advice to grateful residents.

In the thick of the action is newcomer Juliet Godwin who, in upcoming episodes of Home And Away, rocks both a stethoscope and a surfboard.

The Zimbabwean-born actress, who was raised in Perth, WA, hints at “trouble” ahead for her character, Bree Cameron. But just what that is remains to be seen.

TV WEEK chats with the 28-year-old about what’s to come.

Juliet Godwin who, in upcoming episodes of Home And Away, rocks both a stethoscope and a surfboard.

(Image: Seven)

Welcome to Summer Bay! How did you come to be involved in the show?

Thank you! My agent sent me through the audition and, after reading Bree’s character brief, I was super-excited to put down an audition tape. I was called in for a second round of auditions and was fortunate enough to get the role.

Tell us about your character.

Bree is a laidback, compassionate doctor who loves a laugh. Born and raised in Newcastle [in NSW], she’s kind, considerate and smart as a whip. Bree is passionate about what she does and believes that with hard work and compassion she can help those in need.

What brings Bree to Summer Bay?

She’s in need of a fresh start, so when a job vacancy at in the Yabbie Creek emergency department crops up, she’s quick to jump on it. Like Newcastle, Summer Bay seems the perfect laid-back town where she can continue to help those in need and surf whenever she wants. At first, she settles into the Bay well – she loves her new home, the epic surf and the welcoming locals.B ut as weeks go by, we learn there’s rather more to Bree’s story.

Juliet will fit right in as Bree Cameron.

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Does she know anyone in town?

No, but she’s excited to become a part of the community and slow down.

Bree’s both a doctor and a surfer chick – do you enjoy that aspect of her?

I love that aspect of her! I’ve actually been getting into surfing myself, as it’s a big hobby of my partner. So it’s been great to get in the water as Bree.

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