A River Boy, a diamond ring and plenty of romance: The first teaser for Home And Away’s 2021 return is here to fill you with excitement

There's A LOT to unpack.
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Last night’s Home And Away season finale wasn’t exactly what fans were expecting.

The somewhat cliff-hanger ending had fans torn with many left disappointed that there wasn’t enough action and drama compared to previous years. After all, we’re STILL reeling from the 2019 hospital siege that saw beloved character Mason shot and killed.

Regardless of whether you loved or loathed the last episode for the year, we’re already moving on and looking to 2021 with the first juicy new teaser for the show.

And this time it absolutely does not disappoint.

Literally us eating up this trailer and bouncing in our seats:

There’s A LOT of love, new faces and old (hello River Boy, Dan Ewing) and plenty of drama, so let’s digest it all, below.

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River Boy return

It’s not every day a fan favourite returns to Summer Bay, let alone a River Boy. After much speculation we’ve now got our first glimpse of Dan Ewing, who played Heath Braxton on the show from 2011 to 2014, back in the Bay.

Albeit the briefest of glimpses, we’re giddy with excitement at the prospect of this Home And Away hunk returning.

Exactly what brings Heath back is yet to be determined, although there is a popular fan theory he’s in town to break ex-River Boy turned cop, Colby, out of prison. Dan has also been spotted filming scenes with Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari Parata), Ethan Browne (Tane Parata) and Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson).


(Channel Seven)

Drovers Run meets Summer Bay

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of McLeod’s Daughter’s icon, Bridie Carter’s arrival since news first broke she would be joining the show.

Now, we have our first proper look at her character, and someone better warn Marilyn because she has her sights set on John!

“You look like you work out,” her character says to him before then cutting to a clip of her saying: “Let’s have some fun together.”

Seeing as John and Marilyn recently split and have been exploring dating thanks to the help of a few apps, a new romance seems very likely.

New couple alert!

(Channel Seven)

Put a ring on it

Fans were over the moon when a new love interest for Tori arrived in town in the form of doctor Christian Green.

The couple have been going strong and it looks like their relationship is about to become a whole lot stronger. Yes, we’re talking about a proposal.

“You, me, Grace as a family,” Christian says to Tori, who simply responds: “What are you saying?”

He gives her a very telling look, that says to us it’s all but confirmed.

Penny teased the possibility of a proposal in a recent interview with TV WEEK, saying: “When people meet later in life, as Tori and Christian have, they know what they want and things can move fast.

“Hold on to your hats, people!”

The moment we’ve been waiting for?

(Channel Seven)

Love & heartbreak

One thing is certain when watching the 2021 Home And Away teaser: There is a LOT of kissing.

After a hot hook-up in the season finale it seems tensions are still simmering between Tane and Ziggy. Someone better throw a bucket of water on us because it doesn’t look like it’s cooling off any time soon, either.

Meanwhile, the spark between Jasmine and her former flame Lewis, played by newcomer Luke Arnold, is still very much alive. Could she find love again after so much heartache? We hope so.

We also get a first glimpse at another newcomer, Sam Barrett, who was spotted on set earlier this year. And it looks like she may cause problems between Bella and Nikau.

Will Jasmine finally find love?

(Channel Seven)

Colby’s fate in question

We see Bella in tears in the teaser, and while it’s cut together with clips of Nikau cosying up to the newcomer, we have to wonder if her tears could be for Colby.

The former cops’ fate hung in the balance in the final moments of the finale, as he was surrounded by threatening prisoners. Furthermore, he’s noticeably absent from the 2021 promo.

We’ll have to wait with baited breath to see if Colby’s alive or at the very least, okay.

Poor Bella!

(Channel Seven)

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