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"I want a baby": Jasmine's dreams of motherhood intensifies at Grace's birthday party

Grace's first birthday raises some big questions - and concerns - among the party guests

By Tamara Cullen
Can you believe baby Grace is turning one? Neither can her mother, Tori, who finds herself in a frazzle this week to ensure the celebrations go off without a hitch.
In recent episodes of Home And Away, Tori (Penny McNamee) has been preoccupied with her new beau Christian (Ditch Davey) and brother Justin's (James Stewart) recovery – now her daughter is hitting a milestone and she's barely got her head on straight!
The day of the party arrives and Justin – who has been handed an extensive list of jobs to complete – is struggling to walk.
He chooses to keep it from his sister, but Leah (Ada Nicodemou) fears he's pushing himself too hard.
Thankfully, Jasmine (Sam Frost) arrives to help Tori, who's in the middle of a cake crisis.
As the two friends attempt to fix the cake, they reflect on the people who won't be with them to celebrate: Mason (Orpheus Pledger), Brody (Jackson Heywood) and most importantly, Grace's father, Robbo (Jake Ryan).
He won't admit it, but Justin (left) is struggling to walk. (Channel Seven)
"Jasmine's still grieving the tragic loss of Robbo, so Grace's first birthday is bittersweet," Sam, 31, tells TV WEEK.
Jasmine uses the moment to grab her special gift – a bracelet with an engraved message from Robbo on it – but when she returns to the kitchen, Christian has arrived and it's as if she's no longer there!
As guests pile into the party, Jasmine feels more on the outer than ever. She can't help but feel as if Christian is trying to replace Robbo.
"It's a challenge to see this new family unit moving forward and enjoying special milestones without Robbo," Sam says.
"However, Jas can see that Christian makes Tori happy and what he brings to her life."
Attending with friends Irene (far left) and Marilyn (far right), Jasmine feels a bit left out. (Channel Seven)
It was only recently that Jasmine decided she wanted to have a baby and told Irene (Lynne McGranger) of her plans to undergo IVF treatment.
Feeling as though she's no longer needed in Grace's life, she concludes she'll start sooner rather than later… and that means talking to her donor of choice, Colby.
Although the cop has been arrested, she's convinced of his innocence and vows to bail him out.
"Being around Grace reminds her how much she enjoys the idea of being a mum," Sam explains.
"She wants to have a family – and seeing Tori so happy with Grace intensifies her desires."
Christian, Tori and baby Grace look a happy trio. Image: (Channel Seven)
Christian, meanwhile, is completely besotted with baby Grace and Tori, the trio looking like the perfect family.
"Christian has lived the bachelor life, often on the road with no real home," Penny, 37, says.
Tori offers him a family in the form of herself and Grace – a real home and a sense of belonging. She may act like a hurricane sometimes, but Christian finds her endearing.
As she watches him mingling easily with the guests, Tori begins to wonder if this is the man she'll raise a family with…
"When people meet later in life, as Tori and Christian have, they know what they want and things can move fast," Penny teases. "Hold on to your hats, people!"
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