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EXCLUSIVE: The Home And Away cast break down the biggest moments of that shock cliff-hanger finale

''I'm dead.''

By Maddison Hockey
Well, there we have it folks, the epic three part Home And Away finale has come to a gripping end – and boy were we gripping our couch cushions in those final moments.
It was a huge year in Summer Bay which saw new friends and familiar faces arrive in town, illicit affairs play out, heartbreaking goodbyes said (RIP Robbo), plenty of romances forged and of course, one of the biggest shock twists revealed as Willow confessed to being Witness X.
All of that drama was building to tonight to culminate in a cliff-hanger ending that has us wondering how we will last the agonising weeks and months until the show returns.
We can't make the time until the 2021 season return go any faster but we can unpack the big moments we just witnessed – with a little help from the cast.
Those final scenes were too much for us. (Channel Seven)

Meet cute at the county jail

Jamsine was stunned to run into an old friend while visiting Colby at the prison, and even in the very brief encounter with Lewis, we could see sparks flying.
It turns out these two character have quite the history.
"Lewis and Jasmine went to university together to study nursing, 10 years ago," Sam tells TV WEEK. "They had a fleeting moment together, but then he went on to marry Jasmine's best friend Anna."
Well the local jail is one place to meet a guy. (Channel Seven)
Having endured a tragic year, with the death of husband Robbo and the all-consuming grief that followed, the Summer Bay nurse is finally finding herself in a good place again.
And it's very much a place that could lead to a hot new romance.
"Jasmine is always evolving, she is a lot stronger than she was before she arrived into the Bay. She is constantly learning, making mistakes and growing."

Dark pasts revealed

Fans saw a terrifying glimpse into just how dark Kieran's troubled past could be in the finale episode.
While his mum, Martha, is very aware how troubled her son is, it seems their relationship could be the cause of many more problems.
"With his addiction being alcohol, he can get quite aggressive," Rick tells TV WEEK. "Being a child in a family that was pretty unstable, he went off the wrong way and puts a lot of that blame on his mum."
Kieran has a dangerous side. (Channel Seven)

Love, lust and broken hearts

Tension between Tane & Ziggy has been building for weeks, reaching a boiling point so steamy in the season finale it needed a 'Caution: Hot Surface' sign.
Having given in to their sizzling chemistry in scenes we're going to find hard to wipe from our memories, there's really only one question remaining: What happens next?
It's no small question, we'll admit that.
"Ziggy tends to act first, think second in this situation, and she's drunk too much," Sophie reveals. "Whether she has feelings for him is yet to be determined."
Someone splash some cold water on our face, please. (Channel Seven)

''I’m dead''

Following on from the shock Witness X trial that saw Colby convicted for murder, the former Summer Bay cop's fate has been cause for concern amongst loved ones – and fans.
The life-threatening danger Colby faces has well been well-noted, and an untimely death has even been hinted at in past weeks.
Fans may recall Dean saying in the finale teaser: "Do you have any idea what happens to cops in there?" before sister Bella too, claims: "He's going to die in there".
The hearts of Home And Away fans everywhere collectively stopped as Colby found himself surrounded, only for the screen to go black.
Colby's in a world of trouble. (Channel Seven)
So we had to ask Tim Franklin what exactly went through Colby's head in that last moment?
"I'm dead," he says with a chuckle, "I'm screwed. It's nothing you can write and put on paper if you know what I mean."
"The jig is up, he's screwed."
As for fans reaction, Tim's expecting a mix of emotions.
"I hope they'd be scared, but I also want people to empathise with the story, Colby deserved it, he killed someone."

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