Guy and Jules Sebastian’s renovation nightmare

Fed-up residents claim the Sebastians’ compound should never have been built!
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Guy Sebastian’s never-ending renovation drama is sparking fury among their neighbours yet again, as it’s revealed more construction work on their multimillion-dollar mansion has started.

Residents surrounding the Maroubra home – which they’ve dubbed “Fort Guy” due to its shopping centre-style facade – have noted the return of scaffolding enveloping the second storey, and his next-door neighbour Phillip Hanslow is particularly unenthused.

Guy and Jules are facing yet another battle.

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“There are constant problems with it leaking and the problem is it’s not a house, he’s really built a factory,” said the retired builder, who gained notoriety last year when he was charged with intimidating the singer, 42, after a dispute over their adjoining fence turned ugly.

The case played out in a bitter and very public court battle.

However, in April this year, all charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

“It’s a shame because it’s a nice big block of land, something nice could have been built there,” Phillip, 67, added.

“If only he’d built something conventional, but there’s no fall in the roof.”

“I’m told even he’s really fed up with the place because of the leaking.”

Guy’s family are his number-one priority.

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Guy and his wife Jules, 44, who have been married for 15 years and share two sons, Hudson, 11, and Archer, nine, together, are said to be readying themselves to weather yet another storm if it comes to that, with an insider close to the couple saying they’re used to tackling things head-on and this next chapter will be no different.

This isn’t the first time the Sebastians have been forced into battle together.

In a separate court case, the couple were forced to sit back and watch as everything from their earnings and spending was called into question when Guy sued his former manager Titus Day for embezzling nearly $1 million in earnings.

Perhaps most sensationally, Jules was forced to defend Guy’s temperament when she took to the stand to give evidence about an intruder the star allegedly headbutted at the gate of their home when his first child was a newborn.

Despite the scandals, Guy has managed to bounce back time and time again.

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Most recently, he announced two shows at the Sydney Opera House to mark 20 years since he won Australian Idol and is still riding high on the charts with his latest single, I Chose Good.

Career aside, Guy also revealed how he managed to get his relationship with high school sweetheart Jules back on track, after he revealed in a bombshell interview that his wife had broken up with him just before Idol in 2003.

“She kind of broke my heart. [And] I didn’t think we’d get back together… I wasn’t sure. But you live a little bit of life then you realise, ‘Oh, my gosh, I had so much history, she always loved me for me,'” he said this year.

“I might blow up over something and it’s always Jules who is my calming force. And me, her as well. I think we balance each other out well. I love her more now than ever, so it’s amazing.”

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