We’ve got chills! Ditch Davey just did the most hilarious Danny Zuko impression on the set of Home And Away

When Grease meets Summer Bay!
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If you’ve ever wondered what your favourite Home And Away stars get up to between takes, now we finally have the answer!

And as suspected, the talented actors sure know how to have fun.

Enter Ditch Davey and Penny McNamee, who play Home And Away‘s resident love birds Christian and Tori.

Watch Ditch’s hilarious Danny Zuko impression in the player above

This week, Ditch has left fans in stitches with his latest on set antics – and it’s all to do with his hilarious impression of none other than classic Grease character Danny Zuko (originally played by John Travolta in the 1978 film).

On Wednesday, Penny McNamee took to her Instagram Stories to pose the question to her fans: “Hands up who wants to see Ditch Davey doing his best Danny Zuko impression?”

In the next upload the actor, who plays Dr Christian Christian Green on the Channel 7 soapie, can be seen strutting his stuff as he puts on a leather jacket and quips Danny’s famous line: “Rockin’ and a rollin’ and a what not.”

(Images: Instagram)

As Penny captures the moment, which appears to be filmed at the show’s Everleigh-based studios in Sydney, she can be heard having a chuckle to herself.

While the on-screen couple, who recently became engaged on Home And Away, were all laughs between takes, this week their romance is set to be rocked by a looming scandal.

In the latest teaser for Thursday night’s episode, Tori and Christian’s engagement bliss could be derailed over a “deadly secret.”

“You need to watch him. Someone turns a blind eye and then someone else dies,” Lewis (Luke Arnold) warns Jasmine (Sam Frost) in a heated discussion over Christian.

What’s Christian hiding?

(Image: Channel 7)

Lewis (Luke Arnold) blames Dr Christian for the death during surgery of his wife, Anna.

He believes Christian is incompetent, but Jasmine thinks he hasn’t dealt with his grief.

“He isn’t even sure within himself if it is just his grief or whether he’s valid in his doubts about Christian,” Luke, 36, says of Lewis.

The question is, will Lewis’ fixation on Christian prevent him from pursuing Jasmine?

Tori and Christian’s engagement bubble looks set to be burst over a looming scandal.

(Image: Channel 7)

In recent weeks, Jasmine has wondered whether she is ready to move on from Robbo (Jake Ryan), who was killed in a car crash last year.

She’s toyed with her wedding ring, trying to figure out whether she’s ready to remove it.

At Tori and Christian’s engagement party, Jasmine and Lewis stand close to each other, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

All the while, Lewis watches Christian like a hawk.

Later, at the hospital, Lewis’ fury spills over when he confronts Christian.

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