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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away's Christian is confronted by Lewis in shocking scenes

''He isn't even sure within himself.''

By Stephen Downie
Tori and Christian's surprise engagement party is in danger of turning into a disaster.
In this week's heart-stopping episodes, Justin panics when the loved-up couple doesn't show at their secret shindig. Where could they be?
Last week, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) stunned family and friends when they revealed there were engaged.
While it's certainly been a whirlwind romance, Tori knows she's made the best decision of her life.
"Tori was a little hesitant to take things further in their relationship, but only out of fear that she would be hurt," Penny, 38, explains to TV WEEK.
"Once Christian convinced her that he was here to stay, Tori was all in!"
Now, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) scramble like sand crabs to organise a surprise engagement party for them.
But Justin's sneaking around only raises the suspicions of sister, Tori and Christian, both convinced his odd behaviour must be due to him hiding that his tumour has returned.
The party was less of a surprise than Justin would have hoped but a hit nonetheless. Channel Seven
Desperate for the truth, Christian confronts Justin, who eventually reveals the truth about the engagement party.
Later, as the guests wait for the couple to show up to their engagement party at Salt, a nervous Justin phones Christian to see where they are.
Tori and Christian are clearly in love. Channel Seven
Tori is freaking out about the party.
But when they finally appear at Salt, they feign shock and are clearly thrilled to celebrate their love.
But Tori has a bone to pick with Justin…

Lewis and Christian lock horns

This week, Lewis and Jasmine's burgeoning romance could be derailed by Lewis' unwavering obsession with Dr Christian.
It leads to a tense stand-off between doctor and nurse.
Lewis (Luke Arnold) blames Dr Christian for the death during surgery of his wife, Anna.
He believes Christian is incompetent, but Jasmine (Sam Frost) thinks he hasn't dealt with his grief.
"He isn't even sure within himself if it is just his grief or whether he's valid in his doubts about Christian," Luke, 36, says of Lewis.
Lewis has his eye on Christian. Channel Seven
The question is, will Lewis' fixation on Christian prevent him from pursuing Jasmine?
In recent weeks, Jasmine has wondered whether she is ready to move on from Robbo (Jake Ryan), who was killed in a car crash last year.
She's toyed with her wedding ring, trying to figure out whether she's ready to remove it.
At Tori and Christian's engagement party, Jasmine and Lewis stand close to each other, clearly enjoying each other's company.
All the while, Lewis watches Christian like a hawk.
Later, at the hospital, Lewis' fury spills over when he confronts Christian.
What will happen next?

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