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You’ll never guess which TV icon has beefed up at 51!

We cannot believe this is the same person!

Larry Emdur has showed off his beefy new physique in a shirtless selfie that has left fans stunned.

Emdur, 51, dropped 13kg and bulked up to celebrate his 50th birthday, completely transforming his appearance.

Nearly two years later, he is fitter than ever, and still leaving people shocked by how much he has changed from the TV star we all knew and loved.

Emdur says his buff body is the result of careful eating and lots of exercise, inspired by his motivational chest inking.

“The tattoo on my chest says ‘If not now,When?’,” he says. “That motto still gets me up and exercising most days. Feel free to use it, it works!”

Larry as you might remember him.

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