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Who is the little girl in the suitcase?

One month ago the skeleton of a small girl was found in a suitcase by the side of a remote highway in South Australia, devastating a tiny community and leaving many more questions than answers.
The Karoonda Highway, South Australia

It was the tragic discovery that sparked headlines around the world.

At about 10am on July 14, two local boys and a girl were driving along Karoonda Highway, approximately 1.7km south-east of Wynarka, when they noticed what appeared to be a large suitcase in scrub about five metres back from bitumen.

The zipper was undone.

What they thought might be children’s clothes lay strewn about the ground, but there was nothing that held any interest for three young people.

They drove on.

However, on the way back from their destination, they again saw the suitcase and stopped for another look.

As one of the boys poked around with a stick, he lifted a piece of cloth. What he saw next took his breath away – a small but all too human jaw bone.

Karoonda Highway where the suitcase was found.

It turns out other locals had noticed the suitcase during the previous weeks.

The youngsters who had reported it to police weren’t the only ones to stop and look.

One man came forward to say he’s seen the suitcase about eight weeks earlier, not long after the council widened the highway in extensive road works.

The remains were handed to South Australia’s forensic team in Adelaide. They were later able to reveal, through DNA testing, the remains belonged to a girl aged between two and four.

A memorial was set up in the community

The Weekly’s Michael Sheather traveled to Adelaide and spoke at length with the investigating officers.

He also discovered a community in shock.

“This has shaken a lot of people down to the core,” says one local woman.

“There is a sadness and a regret that this has happened on our doorstep.”

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South Australia police gave this press conference today.

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