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Who is Robert Irwin’s girlfriend Rorie Buckey?

Meet Heath Ledger's niece, 19-year-old twin Rorie Buckey.
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Robert Irwin, beloved zookeeper and son of Aussie icon Steve Irwin, is officially off the market.

Sorry ladies, but, yes, Robert has made his red carpet debut with his girlfriend Rorie Buckey.

On July 3, 2023, Robert and Rorie attended the Australian premiere of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and were extremely loved up as they walked the carpet.

As reported by our sister site New Idea, Robert – aged 19 – was first spotted with Rorie, who is the niece of the late actor Heath Ledger, on November 18, 2022.

Robert and Rorie made their red carpet debut at the Australian premiere of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

(Image: Getty)

Rorie’s father, Nathan Bucky – who is married to Heath Ledger’s sister – then informed the Daily Mail Australia shortly after, that the new relationship had his seal of approval. However the business owner was reluctant to overshare, he commented he “didn’t want to go into detail.”

When the publication asked if he approved of Rorie and Robert’s relationship, he responded: “Of course, absolutely.”

The pair were previously spotted grabbing burgers and fries from a local Grill’d and then sat on a nearby beach to eat.

Robert then pulled his new lady in for a cuddle as the sun set; talk about romance!

Robert has been dating Rorie Buckey, the niece of Oscar-winner Heath Ledger and pictured here with her twin Scarlett, since late 2022.

(Image: Facebook)

Rorie Buckey is very private despite being Heath Ledger’s niece. But this is what we do know!

Seeing double? Rorie Buckey is an identical twin, and very close with her sister Scarlett. Their mum, Kate Ledger (Heath’s sister) even wrote a series of fictional books based on them called ‘Twin Magic’.

During promotion in 2013, Kate revealed that the twins truly had ‘telepathy’ and would often say the same things at the same time or write similar things even if they weren’t in the same room.

Even when Rorie went to the nurse for a headache in school, “Scarlett told me later she had one too but didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want her teacher too thing she was making it up.” Kate revealed.

The two twins are 19 years old and clearly very close even studying at the same university in Perth at Curtin University.

Rorie is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy whereas her sister, Scarlett is studying pharmaceuticals.

It would seem that Scarlett wants to remain out of the public eye with her Instagram completely private compared to her sister who is happy to share their memories.

It is currently assumed that Scarlett has met, and hopefully approved, Robert Irwin although there are no photos of the two together.

It seems as though, Rorie is fitting in very easily with the Wildlife Warrior crew as she has a love for nature and animals even before dating Robert.

She has shared many pictures of beautiful nature landscapes and animals she’s seen especially of her adorable family dog.

We can’t wait to see this love grow as she spends more time at Australia Zoo.

Rorie shared this adorable pic of the two on Instagram and in the comments, Robert dropped ‘the L word’! he simply commented “I love you!!! ❤️”

The couple are moving fast and we can’t wait to learn more about the woman who stole Robert Irwin’s heart!

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