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Robert Irwin is the spitting image of late dad Steve Irwin in stunning new video

''Gosh you’ve got your dad’s face mate.''
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Robert Irwin has left fans in awe after sharing a new video where he looks more like his late dad Steve Irwin than ever before.

With the same sandy hair and cheeky grin as his father, Robert has always been a dead ringer for Steve, but footage he posted to Instagram took things to a whole new level.

Rob and Steve need to watch out!

(Image: Instagram)

Robert captured quite the “Deja vu” moment where both he and his dad were bitten by a snake. Yet the videos were taken years apart.

Despite the terrifying moment where both boys were bitten by a terrifying snake, the wildlife warriors held the same stoic and calm face.

“Dad and me getting bitten by the same species of snake (carpet python) decades apart,” he captioned the video (below).

“I found this python on the side of a road, but as you can see, sometimes snake rescues don’t quite go to plan”.

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This isn’t the first video captured of the father-son duo looking alike, previously on the edge of what looks like a lake or river in the Australian bush, Robert stood on the edge of a plank in board shorts as he prepared to backflip into the water.

As the clip (below) went into slow-motion, Robert glanced up at someone off-camera and in that moment he looked so much like his dad that it almost felt like Steve Irwin was with us again.

Then the 18-year-old grinned before flipping backwards into the water, laughing as he clambered back up onto the wooden platform moments later.

Fans were blown away by the resemblance, one writing in the comments section: “Gosh you’ve got your dad’s face mate.”

“Mini Steve. We love you Robert,” another said, while a third chimed in, “I see your dad in your face more and more.”

WATCH: Robert Irwin looks just like dad Steve Irwin in new lake video. Story continues after video.

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There have always been similarities between Robert and his dad, who tragically died in 2006, just months before Robert’s third birthday.

Though the now-teenager didn’t get to spend much time with his dad before he passed, Robert has kept Steve’s memory alive through his wildlife conservation work and role at Australia Zoo, where he and sister Bindi have helped fill their dad’s shoes.

Rob shared this side by side comparison of the two of them captioned, “The love for chameleons must be genetic. 5 year old me with a tiny chameleon on my head and my dad with a big, full grown adult!”

(Credit: Instagram)

Robert shares many of his adventures and projects on Instagram, as well as family moments and fun clips like his latest backflip video – though the clip caught some unwanted attention too.

Many fans were distracted by Robert’s physique, the usually covered-up Wildlife Warrior revealing broad shoulders and a six-pack in the footage of him by the water.

Robert with dad Steve as a child.

(Image: Instagram)

There were plenty of comments asking him to share his workout routine, though some crossed the line into inappropriate innuendo that left other Instagram users uncomfortable.

“He’s 18 ffs [for f—k sake] cut it out with the thirsty comments and blatant objectifying. How would you feel if it was your kid?” one person wrote beneath a suggestive comment.

Many celebrities choose to keep their children off social media these days in a bid to avoid unwanted comments like these, though Robert and Bindi have had public profiles for years now.

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